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What is the melting point of sulfuric acid?

What is the melting point of sulfuric acid?

50°F (10°C)Sulfuric acid / Melting point

What is the refractive index of sulfuric acid?

Physical and Chemical Properties

Composition H2SO4
Density 1.84 g/ml (pure)
Molecular Weight mol. wt. = 98.1
Refractive Index 1.427
Boiling Point 315-338 C

Is H2SO4 boiling point?

638.6°F (337°C)Sulfuric acid / Boiling point

What is the melting and boiling point of sulfuric acid?

Properties of Sulfuric Acid – H2SO4

H2SO4 Sulfuric Acid
Molecular Weight/ Molar Mass 98.079 g/mol
Density 1.84 g/cm³
Boiling Point 337 °C
Melting Point 10 °C

What is 3M H2SO4?

Sulfuric Acid, 3M. Recommended Use: Science education applications. Synonyms: Oil of Vitriol, Sulphuric Acid, Sulfuric Acid 6N.

What is the refractive indices of water glass and sulphuric acid?

Refractive indices of water, sulphuric acid, glass and carbon disulphide are 1.33, 1.43, 1.53 and 1.63 respectively. The light travels slowest in : (a) sulphuric acid (b) glass (c) water (d) carbon disulphide.

What is the speed of light in sulphuric acid?

2.11 × 10^8 m/s.

Why is H2SO4 a strong acid?

Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) is lewis acid. Because it has an H+ ion that can accept the electron pairs from a compound donor. Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) is a strong acid. Because it is completely ionized or dissociated in an aqueous solution and for every 1 mole, it gives two H+ ions and one SO42-.

How do you make a 3 m H2SO4 solution?

A 1 molar solution is a solution in which 1 mole of a compound is dissolved in a total volume of 1 liter. To solve for the volume of 3M H2SO4 to obtain a one liter of one molar solution we use the formula Volume of 3M H2SO4 * molarity1 = Volume of 1 M * molarity2. Volume1 * 3M = 1 L * 1M. Volume1 = (1L * 1 M) /3M.

Is 3M sulfuric acid corrosive?

Causes severe skin burns and eye damage. Causes serious eye damage. May cause cancer.

What is the speed of light in Sulphuric acid?

What is the refractive indices of water glass and Sulphuric acid?

How do you make 1M H2SO4?

To prepare 1M of sulphuric acid​ we have add 54.3 ml of Sulphuric Acid.

  1. The Molecular weight of is 98 g/mol.
  2. Next we add 98g of conc.
  3. As Acid is a liquid,density should be taken into account.
  4. Density =Mass/volume.
  5. Density given on the bottle of Sulphuric acid is 1.84 g/ml.

What is the name of H2SO4?

Sulfuric acid (H 2 SO 4) is a strong acid with hygroscopic and oxidizing properties. Sulfuric Acid is a mineral acid with a chemical formula H 2 SO 4. Sulfuric acid is also known as Mattling acid or Oil of vitriol.

How do you make H2SO4?

H 2 SO 4 is formed naturally by oxidation of sulfide minerals in rocks. Commercially, sulfuric acid is produced when sulfur trioxide is dissolved in water. A strong diprotic acid, sulfuric acid is colorless to slightly yellowish in appearance, sometimes cloudy.

What is the conjugate base of HsO4-?

The sulfate ion carries a negative two charge and is the conjugate base of the hydrogen sulfate ion, HSO4-, which is the conjugate base of H2SO4, sulfuric acid. In inorganic chemistry, a sulfate (IUPAC-recommended spelling; also sulphate in British English) is a salt of sulfuric acid.

How much is 1 mole of H2SO4 in grams?

In simple words, 1 mole is equal to the atomic weight of the substance. For example, 1 mole of H2SO4 is equal to 98.08 grams of H2SO4 (molecular weight = 98.08). Step 1: Calculate the volume of 100 grams of Sulfuric acid.