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What is the code for Stage 9 in Untitled door game?

What is the code for Stage 9 in Untitled door game?

Zone 1: Grasslands

Room Code
9 12
10 9088
11 6
12 5856

What is the code for room 82 in Untitled door game?

In conclusion, the code is SEMPER_FI.

What is the code for room 40 in Untitled door game?

Combining these letters with the other three letters, the player must unscramble the five-letter word to get the final code “WATER”, which is the code for this room.

What is the code for room 77 in Untitled door game?

The code is read from left to right, then top to bottom. Therefore, the code is 11111211232.

What is the code for room 130?

The message inside the room was “STring3”, you can find this by pointing your camera inside it to see the inner wall by the door. Put into UTB. 72 from the trivia above, first using the code to make the brick helper come closer and then answering all the questions correctly.

What is the code for room 88?

Room 88 is the 12th room in the Desert zone. It consists of a code door on the ceiling and black squares on the wall….Creator(s)

Previous room Next room
Room 87 Room 89

What’s the code for room 46?

Instructions. Talk to the Code Brick Helper, he’ll tell you the code which is five-hundred and twenty-six million, four-hundred and eighty-four thousand, two-hundred and seventy-four, but the code is in letters instead of numbers. When you convert that to numbers you get 526484274.

What’s the code for room 21 in Untitled door game?

Enter the code you just translated and do some lava jumps to reach the Code Brick Helper. He’ll give you the code which is 8417.

What is the code for room 117 in Untitled door game?

The code is 348239 .

What is the code for room 57 in Untitled door game?

Instructions. Each letter represents a digit on the telephone keypad on the right wall. After compared, connect every number found. If done correctly, the code should be 33236237.

How do you do room 44 in Untitled door?


  1. Look at the wall, and you’ll see that the black lines make a 4-digit number. Since all ends of each digit are connected, it might be hard to notice. The first digit is 8. The second digit is 2. The third digit is 6. The fourth digit is 3.
  2. At the end, the code should be 8263.

What is the code for room 16?

Instructions. The creator’s username is tintom495, so the code is 495.

Who created room 62 untitled door game?

Room 62 is the 62nd room of the main game and the 12th room of Deepwater Falls. This room is also the 12th room of SubChapter 3.1: Scaling the Waterfall. This room was created by justinchua2006.

What is the code for room 57 untitled door?

What is all the codes in Untitled door game?

Roblox Untitled Door Game Codes & Answers List

  • Zone 1 – Grasslands Untitled Door Game Codes. 1337. 6238. 5424.
  • Zone 2 – Underground. Advertisement. 610712.
  • Zone 3 – Snowfields. 7509. 4769.
  • Zone 4 – Desert. 924. 638.
  • Zone 5 – Volcano. 101. 6660.
  • Zone 6 – Deep Caves. 126. 6598.
  • Zone 7 – Rocky Hills. 151. 2798.
  • Zone 8 – Mountain. 176. 177.

What is the code for room 10 in Untitled door game?

The code is 9088.

Who is the owner of the group door game community?

tintom495 – Owner of Untitled Door Game. RobotTerrarian (AKA Ace) – Head Developer, deals with most of in-game coding. Jentayu25 (AKA Durian) – Developer & Community Manager, handles what rooms get into the game.

What’s the code for room 39 in Untitled door game 2?

Talk to Hint Helper Brick. He will tell you that the code is the 5 digits of pi after the decimal point. Now, the 5 digits of pi after the decimal point (which is the .) is 14159. So, the code is 14159.

How do you beat level 50 on Roblox untitled door?

Instructions. Do the lava obby and enter the code, which is 9001. When you press the green button, the 16-second timer will start. Go back to the starting area and get up the door, and if you made it in time, it should be open.

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