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What is Fhimss certification?

What is Fhimss certification?

Fellow Healthcare Information Management System Society.

What certifications should I get to work IT in hospital?

7 Quick Certifications That Pay Well in Healthcare

  • Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) Training time: 11 weeks.
  • Professional Coder. Training time: 20 weeks.
  • Pharmacy Technician Professional.
  • Medical Assistant.
  • Medical Front Office Administration Specialist.
  • Behavioral Technician Specialist.
  • Patient Care Technician (PCT)

What is a Certified Professional in electronic health records?

The designation of Certified Professional in Electronic Health Records (CPEHR) indicates that the holder has evidenced a high level of expertise in the planning, implementation and operation of EHR systems and has mastered the common body of knowledge for an electronic health records professional.

What does cpehr stand for?

Certified Professional in Electronic Health Records (CPEHR). Health IT Certification now offers the CPEHR online. The CPEHR certification examination online consists of seventy five (75) questions which must be completed online in one sitting within the ninety (90) minute time frame.

How can cpehr help your business?

Whether you have an HR team that needs assistance with a la carte assignments, or you want to outsource all of your HR functions, CPEhr has the solution. Our staff of experts will guide your team in developing an appropriate business strategy that fits with your short- and long-term business plans and lets you get back to running your business.

Why choose cpehr for Affordable Care Act benefits?

Increasing premium costs and the added complexity of the Affordable Care Act have many small and medium-sized businesses looking for solutions to this critical employee benefit. CPEhr will research available plans and assemble a benefits package that will assist you in attracting and retaining the employees you need to help your business succeed.