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What is Evonik known for?

What is Evonik known for?

Evonik is one of the world’s leading specialty chemicals companies. Evonik is one of the world leaders in specialty chemicals. The focus on more specialty businesses, customer-orientated innovative prowess and a trustful and performance-oriented corporate culture form the heart of Evonik’s corporate strategy.

How long has Albemarle been in business?

Albemarle Corporation

Industry Chemical industry
Founded 1994
Headquarters Charlotte, North Carolina , U.S.
Area served Worldwide
Key people Kent Masters, President & CEO Scott A. Tozier, CFO

What does Albemarle produce?

With a history that extends back to 1887, today’s Albemarle is a leading global producer of Lithium, Bromine and Catalyst solutions. We think beyond business-as-usual to power the potential of companies in many of the world’s largest and most critical industries, such as energy, electronics, and transportation.

What kind of company is Evonik?

German specialty chemicals company
Evonik Industries AG is a stock-listed German specialty chemicals company headquartered in Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is the second largest chemicals company in Germany, and one of the largest specialty chemicals companies in the world.

Who bought Albemarle?

Amgen acquired the company in 2012 and renamed it Gensenta in 2020. The company has two manufacturing facilities located in Yenibosna, Turkey, and Istanbul that produce finished dosage forms, antibiotics, cancer treatments and other drugs.

Who owns Albemarle mining?

Albemarle is not owned by hedge funds. Looking at our data, we can see that the largest shareholder is The Vanguard Group, Inc. with 12% of shares outstanding. Meanwhile, the second and third largest shareholders, hold 7.7% and 4.9%, of the shares outstanding, respectively.

Which company produces lithium in Australia?

Talison is a leading producer of lithium and one of the first mining companies to begin development in Australia, from its prized Greenbushes Lithium Operations, “Greenbushes was Australia’s first hard rock lithium mine”, with its first lithium plant being commissioned in 1985.

What companies does Lubrizol own?

Lubrizol Advanced Materials Gibraltar, Inc. USA – Delaware
Lubrizol Overseas Trading Corporation USA – Delaware
CPI Engineering Services, Inc. USA – Michigan
Lubrizol International Management Corporation USA – Nevada
Lubrizol Advanced Materials Europe BVBA Belgium

Who founded Albemarle?

The first English explorer to become a settler in North Carolina, then known as Albemarle, was a trader named Nathaniel Batts. He bought his land from the American Indians in 1660. Having traded with the Indians since the 1650s, Batts set an example of fair dealing and friendship.