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What is current Firefox version?

What is current Firefox version?

What’s the latest version of Firefox?

Release Edition Platform Version
Firefox Standard Release Desktop 102.0.1
Firefox Extended Support Release Desktop 102.0
Firefox iOS Mobile 102.0
Firefox Android Mobile 102.0

How to install Firefox on Windows?

Installing Mozilla Firefox Browser on Windows. Follow the below steps to install Mozilla Firefox Browser: Step 1: Visit the official website using any web browser. Step 2: Click on the Download Firefox button to start downloading Firefox. Step 3: Now look for the executable file in the downloads folder in your system and open it.

How do you download Mozilla Firefox?

Go to your browser. The Download link in the green box will automatically detect your operating system and language.

  • Click the download button. Your download will start immediately. Once the file is finished downloading,click on it to start the installation.
  • Choose your installation type. Standard is an automatic installation,and is suitable for most users.
  • Launch Firefox. After a few moments,Firefox will be installed,and you can start browsing the web.
  • Import your settings. If you’ve used another browser before Firefox,you will be given the option to import your Options,Bookmarks,History,and Passwords from your old browser.
  • Where are offline installers for Firefox?

    Firefox Nightly

  • Firefox Aurora (Now Firefox Developers edition)
  • Firefox Beta
  • Firefox Release
  • What is the latest version of Firefox?

    Meanwhile, Mozilla has scheduled the launch of Firefox version 100 for May 3rd He currently resides in New York writing for BGR. His previously published work can be found on TechHive