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What is Cellma CAA?

What is Cellma CAA?

Medical records system – Cellma. The new CAA medical records system (Cellma) is now live and can be accessed as a service via the CAA Customer Portal.

What does the CAA regulate?

The Clean Air Act (CAA) mandates controls on air pollution from mobile sources by regulating both the composition of fuels and emission-control components on motor vehicles and nonroad engines.

What is Cellma?

Cellma is an electronic health-care solution developed by Riomed, an international software development company that has provided cutting-edge health-care applications to Europe and The Americas since 1997, and has now partnered in the Caribbean with Fujitsu.

How do I access Cellma?

You can access CELLMA via the “Medical” service on the Portal home page. A pilot’s user guide for the CAA Cellma medical records system is available here.

What does CAA stand for?

Aviation. Civil aviation authority (CAA)

What is a Class 3 medical?

Aviation Medical Certificate – Class 3 This medical standard applies to holders of an air traffic control licence or flight service officers. The Class 3 medical certificate is valid for two years. Applicants must have a basic medical but not the additional ancillary tests.

What three things can happen if you violate the CAA?

What three things can happen if you violate the CAA. Up to a $27,500 per day per mile Leeshan losing one certification to handle refrigerants and appearing in US federal court for the charges.

Why is the CAA important?

The CAA has an important ongoing role in improving aviation safety standards. It constantly attempts to bring about lasting improvements in aviation systems, the culture of aviation, its capabilities, and any processes that are carried out.

How do I register with CAA portal?

Register for a CAA customer portal account Visit our CAA customer portal and enter your email address before choosing a user ID and password. Please see our guidance on how to register for a portal account. You will be sent a confirmation email with a link to activate your account.

What is my CAA reference number?

Once you have received the second email, you can log into your portal account. If you click on ‘Personal Details’ on the left hand side, you will see your CAA reference number.

Who is represented by CAA?

CAA’s client roster includes Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, Zendaya, Ava DuVernay, Ryan Murphy and Reese Witherspoon, while Shonda Rhimes, Ellen DeGeneres, Samuel L. Jackson and Pete Davidson are among ICM’s marquee clients.

What is a Class 4 medical certificate?

The category for Class III medical certificate holders includes Traffic Controllers, and Class IV medical certificate holders include a range of recreational pilots (e.g. Micro-lights, Air Balloons). The table below indicate the different classes of medical certificate requirement.

What is a Class 1 medical?

The EASA Class 1 Medical test includes an examination of your medical history, a full physical examination, vision and hearing tests, a urine test and a finger-prick haemoglobin test to rule out anaemia. In addition, an ECG or some other tests may be conducted depending on your age and medical history.

How is CAA enforced?

Citizen Enforcement Under the CAA, any person may file a civil action against any person, including the United States (EPA) for violations of emission standards or limitations, or violation of an order issued by EPA or a state with respect to such a standard or limitation.

How is the CAA funded?

Funding. Like most regulators in the UK, we are funded by the charges we levy on the industry we regulate. We are not funded by the UK tax payer and are legally required to cover the cost of our regulatory activity through charges on the industry.

What is CAA stand for?

abbreviation. Civil Aeronautics Administration: reorganized into the Federal Aviation Administration.

How do I contact CAA UK?

General enquiries and feedback If you cannot find what you are looking for contact us on [email protected].

How do I create a CAA account?

Member create new account

  1. Membership number. Enter a valid 16 digit membership number.
  2. Postal code. Enter the postal code that matches your CAA account.
  3. Email address. Enter a valid email address.
  4. Re enter email address. Enter the same email address as above.
  5. Password.
  6. Confirm password.

What is CAA healthcare?

The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 (CAA) established protections for consumers related to surprise billing and transparency in health care.

How do I apply for a medical certificate through Caa?

Unless you completed your medical examination before the launch of the new system, you will need to apply for a medical certificate through the CAA Customer Portal instead of completing a paper application form when you see your Aero Medical Examiner (AME).

How does the CAA protect my data?

The CAA takes data protection very seriously and keeps a complete record of who has access to your data and any actions made against your record. Enforcement action will be taken against any misuse or inappropriate access to your data. The system used to process your information is called Cellma.

What is the best option for CAA reference number?

Option 1 or 3 is the preferred option as it does not disable the O365 security, just whitelists the urls as safe. If you do not know your CAA reference number, this field can be left blank and will be filled in by the CAA when we process your application.