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What is 1nF capacitor?

What is 1nF capacitor?

Capacitor uF – nF – pF Conversion

0.001uF / MFD 1nF 1000pF(MMFD)
0.00082uF / MFD 0.82nF 820pF (MMFD)
0.0008uF / MFD 0.8nF 800pF (MMFD)
0.0007uF / MFD 0.7nF 700pF (MMFD)

Are capacitors color coded?

The capacitors use a capacitor color code similar to the resistors color code (3, 4 or 5 bands). The first two colors indicate significant digits of the value of the capacity (in pF), the next colour is the corresponding power of 10, the other two colors are optional and indicate tolerance and maximum voltage.

What is nF to uF?

Convert between uF, nF and pF using the Newark’s uF – nF- pF conversion chart below….Capacitor uF – nF – pF Conversion.

0.015uF / MFD 15nF 15000pF (MMFD)
0.012uF / MFD 12nF 12000pF (MMFD)
0.01uF / MFD 10nF 10000pF (MMFD)
0.0082uF / MFD 8.2nF 8200pF (MMFD)

What are the terminals on a capacitor?

On these electrolytic capacitors, there’s a positive pin, called the anode, and a negative pin called the cathode. The anode always needs to be connected to a higher voltage.

What does nF mean on a capacitor?

Values of capacitors are usually specified in farads (F), microfarads (μF), nanofarads (nF) and picofarads (pF).

How many nF are in a farad?

How Many Nanofarads Are in a Farad? There are 1,000,000,000 nanofarads in a farad, which is why we use this value in the formula above. Farads and nanofarads are both units used to measure capacitance.

What is the common code for capacitor?

General Capacitor Codebreaker Common Capacitor Code PicoFarad (pF) NanoFarad (nF) MicroFarad (mF/.µF/mfd) 102 1000 1 or 1n 0.001 152 1500 1.5 or 1n5 0.0015 222 2200 2.2 or 2n2 0.0022 332 3300 3.3 or 3n3 0.0033

What is the value of 10 on a capacitor?

• If any capacitor has 10 printed on it- Then its value is 10 PF • When Any capacitor has 104 printed- It has a multiplier of 4 (Third number of code). 10 is multiplied by 10×104 =10000. Then its value is 10×10000= 100000PF Here is a Table of Mostly Used Codes of Ceramic Capacitor and their unit conversion in Micro, Nano, and Picofarad

What is the multiplier of a capacitor with only two numbers?

• If there is only two number, it means there is no multiplier, Then you just read the value of the first two numbers in picofarads. • When Any capacitor has 104 printed- It has a multiplier of 4 (Third number of code ). 10 is multiplied by 10×104 =10000.

How do you find the PF of a capacitor?

If you have a capacitor that has nothing other than a three-digit number printed on it, the third digit represents the number of zeros to add to the end of the first two digits. The resulting number is the capacitance in pF. For example, 101 represents 100 pF: the digits 10 followed by one additional zero.