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What does a Vent Axia Lo carbon do?

What does a Vent Axia Lo carbon do?

Through-The-Wall Heat Recovery Unit The Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon Heat Save uses a reversible fan to extract dirty air from the room and replace it with outside air 70 seconds later. This air passes through a filter to ensure that clean air enters the room.

What is a lo carbon fan?

The new Lo-Carbon Silent Fan Range from Vent-Axia not only delivers stylish and silent ventilation without compromise on performance, but now comes with even more features and more model options providing flexibility when choosing the right fan.

How do I turn off my Axia Lo Carbon Vent?

Continuous Trickle operation Press the S-button until the “CONSTANT” light comes on. Select the fan speed using the SPEED buttons. To turn off continuous trickle operation: press the S-button until the “CONSTANT” light goes off.

Can you turn Vent Axia off?

To switch the unit off: at the unit’s local isolator, turn the power off.

When should I use heat recovery?

Nowadays most heat recovery systems behave smartly, reducing the amount of heat that is extracted during the summer months so that comfort levels are maintained or instead can be used for drawing more heat from areas such as a kitchen or wet room where the temperature is likely to be higher.

How do I find my Vent Axia model number?

If your unit was installed before July 2019 you will be able to locate your unit by looking at the product image options below. For heat recovery products installed after this date you will be able to find the model number on the front of your product and input it into the search field below.

How do you remove a bathroom vent fan cover?

Remove the Vent Cover To be extra safe, turn off the circuit at the breaker box. If it’s just a vent with no light, remove the vent cover by gently pulling down on it, then squeezing the metal mounting wires together on both sides. Slide them out of their slots, removing them from the fan housing.

What is the difference between heat pump and heat recovery?

The primary distinction between a heat pump and heat recovery cycle is that a heat pump cycle will produce only one useful effect (i.e. heating or cooling) at a time whereas a heat recovery cycle will produce both effects simultaneously.

Can a heat recovery system cool a house?

Yes, a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery system (MVHR) can help to cool your home in summer, and it does it in a way that is quiet and automatic, using only the energy equivalent of two LED lightbulbs.

Is a heat recovery ventilation system worth it?

If you are building a new house, there is no doubt that a heat recovery system (also called MVHR or HRV) can offer substantial savings on your heating bills over using normal bathroom fans and window ventilation but for us the number one reason is the dramatic improvement on indoor air quality (IAQ) improving the …

Why Vent-Axia Lo-carbon centra?

The attractive and discreet styling of the Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon Centra will complement the d├ęcor of any new home while virtually silent operation ensures optimum ventilation is achieved without intrusive noise. dMEV version recognised in SAP PCDB. Lo-Carbon Centra has a specific fan power of only 0.18 W/l/s in through-the-wall kitchen applications.

What is a lo-carbon centra?

mounted away from the spray zone and out of reach from the bath or shower. The Lo-Carbon Centra meets the latest requirements of the Building Regulations Approved Document F for wholehouse system ventilation and all models come with a 5 year motor guarantee.

What is a ceiling adaptor for a Centra fan?

The ceiling adaptor enables the Centra fan to be mounted on ceiling where there is limited space within the ceiling void. The adaptor effectively reduces the length of the spigot by 45mm. This then provides a 70mm spigot length for connection of the ducting and installation into the celing void. Stock Ref. No: 443800