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What contact lenses does Kylie Jenner Wear?

What contact lenses does Kylie Jenner Wear?

Kylie Jenner wears Solotica Color Contact Lenses! Kylie Jenner has been spotted numerous times wearing Solotica in different colors and styles. Kylie’s blue eyes are Solotica Hidrocor Ice, Solotica Hidrocor Crystal, and sometimes Solotica Natural Crystal.

How long do Solotica contacts last?

From our newest collection, Aquarella Quarterly lenses come in 11 natural shades and can be worn daily for up to 3 months.

How long can you keep Solotica lenses in?

12 months
Solotica Coloured Cosmetic Contact lenses and Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses last up to 12 months with the correct care and maintenance.

How long does it take for Solotica lenses to arrive?

We usually deliver to the US and Canada within 3-5 working days. This is also valid for longer distances such as Los Angeles, California or Dallas, Texas. To New York and Miami we deliver within the same timeframe.

How long do Solotica lenses take to arrive?

Does Solotica require prescription? provide contact lenses with both prescription power and plano (non-powered contact lenses). being based in the United Arab Emirates operates under UAE law where there is no requirement to submit your prescription before purchasing contact lenses.

What are solotica natural colors contact lenses?

Solotica Natural Colors are yearly colored contact lenses which feature a slight limbal ring to contrast against the iris. These color lenses are also available with prescription so you can achieve beautiful eye color with perfect vision. How long do Solotica Natural Colors contact lenses last?

Is solotica Aquarella the cheapest contact lens?

Solotica Aquarella is a daily lens and therefore the cheapest. Hidrocor, Hidrocor Rio and Natural Colors all come in a yearly lens and are extremely cost effective based on the long-lasting lifecycle of the lenses. How long can I wear Solotica contact lenses?

What are the most popular solotica lenses?

Hidrocor is the most popular collection of lenses from Solotica. They feature no limbal ring for an extremely natural look. The most popular colors are Mel, Quartzo, Cristal, Ocre and Avela. How long do Solotica lenses last?

How long do solotica lenses last?

How long Solotica lenses last depends on the collection you own as well as how well you care for them. Solotica Hidrocor, Solotica Hidrocor Rio and Solotica Natural Colors are yearly lenses which can be cleaned and stored after use for up to one year. Solotica Aquarella are daily disposable lenses so can be disposed of at the end of the day.