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What case is the AWP Medusa in?

What case is the AWP Medusa in?

there is no case, its a drop collection named gods and monsters and they can only drop in operations.

What is the best AWP in CSGO?

The Best AWP Skins Everyone Should Buy in 2022

  • AWP | Wildfire.
  • AWP | Fade.
  • AWP | Graphite.
  • AWP | Asiimov.
  • AWP | Neo-Noir.
  • AWP | Hyper Beast.
  • AWP | Atheris. Flavor Text: As deadly as it is beautiful.
  • AWP | Containment Breach. Flavor Text: Who knows what radioactive diseases they carry…

Can you get AWP Medusa as a drop?

AWP Medusa can still drop.

What’s the most expensive CSGO skin?

AWP Dragon Lore
AWP Dragon Lore Given it’s the most popular gun in the game, it’s easy to understand why an AWP skin sits at the top of our list of the most expensive CS:GO skins. Therefore, the AWP Dragon Lore stands tall as not only the most expensive AWP skin but the most expensive skin full stop.

What CSGO skin sells the most?

Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore, Factory New ~ $70,000 It’s fitting that an AWP skin will be one of the most valuable skins within the game. The Dragon Lore AWP skin features a red fire-breathing dragon with a beige-ish finish giving it that ancient look.

How much is a factory new Medusa?

Price chart

Factory New Well-Worn
Basic $ 6 536.43 $ 2 147.00

Who is the best AWP player?

Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev
According to kennyS, the absolute best AWPer of all time is Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev. Natus Vincere’s star sniper makes a strong case as the greatest overall CSGO player of all time, so of course he belongs in the GOAT tier for AWPers.

What is the AWP Medusa skin?

The AWP Medusa is a CS:GO skin from The Gods and Monsters Collection and was introduced 6 years ago on 26 May 2015. The skin is Covert rarity.

When was AWP Medusa added to the game?

AWP | Medusa was added to the game on May 26, 2015, as part of The Gods and Monsters Collection, which was released alongside the start of Operation Bloodhound.

What does the Medusa Gorgon rifle look like?

The body of the rifle is painted blue and adorned with an image of the Medusa Gorgon – a mythological female creature with snakes instead of hair. The design of the skin is made in various shades of green and blue.

Can you paint the barrel of an AWP | Medusa?

The barrel, the scope and the back part of the buttstock are not painted. Float Value of the skin ranges from 0.00 to 1.00, which makes AWP | Medusa available in all conditions. Traces of wear such as scratches and abrasions do not appear on the body of the weapon even at the highest Float Values.