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What can I use instead of Microsoft HealthVault?

What can I use instead of Microsoft HealthVault?

Other great apps like Microsoft HealthVault are CareZone, Lydia by Get Real Health, Mage. Health and GooPatient….

  • Open mHealth. Free • Open Source.
  • CareZone. Free • Proprietary.
  • Lydia by Get Real Health. Free • Proprietary.
  • Mage.
  • GooPatient.
  • Apple HealthKit.
  • My Medical.
  • The Diary™

What is HealthVault app?

Microsoft HealthVault, which launched in October 2007, is a free personal health record (PHR) service offered by Microsoft that allows individuals to store personal health and fitness information in a central location. The Web-based service is available to anyone with a Microsoft account.

What app can i use to see my medical records?

1. HealthVault. The HealthVault is a personal health record app available for web, windows, and iPhone. With the application, it is easy for the patients to store, record and share the personal medical data with any doctors or healthcare providers through the internet.

Is there a medical app for Android?

WebMD apps WebMD has a series of decent medical apps. Their main app is kind of a catch-all.

Why did HealthVault shut down?

The downfalls of HealthVault included its focus on traditional health records over dynamic and patient-acquired data, its lack of integration with many popular wearables and other smart health devices and its limited social and sharing capabilities.

Why did Microsoft HealthVault fail?

Which is Best medical app?

Best medical apps

  • Medscape.
  • Prevention TaskForce.
  • VisualDx.
  • Skyscape Medical Library.
  • epocrates.
  • PEPID.
  • Lexicomp.
  • DynaMed.

Is the life Care app free?

You are free to use all functions with a 3-day free trial.

Which is best app for doctors?

Five best Android apps for doctors

  • Five best Android apps for doctors. Text: Avani Bagga, TOI Tech.
  • Epocrates Plus. A must have app for anyone who is medical professional.
  • Amion. This app helps doctors organize their shifts better.
  • Consult & Profile Management (Practo)
  • Curofy.
  • Medscape.

Is Google getting into healthcare?

From consumer-facing products like sleep tracking tech with its Nest Hub smart home devices and Fitbit wearables to clinical initiatives like its Care Studio EHR search tool and its health AI work, Google has intensified its focus on health tech and expanded its reach into the healthcare market.

What is the Life Care app?

Through the Lifecare Connect iOS and Android monitoring app, authenticated users can monitor real- time system health data, live from one or more connected SCANTER radar systems. The Lifecare Connect application is available for Android and iOS. Visit the Play Store or App Store and search for Terma Lifecare Connect.

Is there an app to check your blood pressure?

A smarter way to manage your blood pressure SmartBP® is a free, easy to use blood pressure management app that allows you to record, track, analyze and share your normal, low or high blood pressure charts and information using your mobile device.

How can I open Medscape for free?

You may register for a free account by visiting and clicking on the Register link in the upper right corner of the page. Complete the registration form and then click Submit.