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Is the KZ ed9 worth it?

Is the KZ ed9 worth it?

One of KZ’s flagships, KZ ED9, is up for the test. Honestly, I really don’t like overly emphasized highs. Too much definition can be exhausing rather than impressive. However, I won’t call them bad earphones because of that, because they are quite high quality when it comes to their extraordinary sound signature.

Are the Yamaha ed9’s any good?

For something that goes below the $20 range, the ED9 offer a really good sound, not just for ‘quality for price’ alone, but as a whole musical experience. While the ED9 feature exchangeable nozzle, the overall signature leans towards the warm, very warm, and bassy side of things, but still very smooth and enjoyable.

Is the ed9 a good IEM?

The ED9 is overall a good and very funny iem from China. The metal housing shows confidence and it looks like it won’t break for a long time. I did like the looks overall (but the color of the cable is ugly in my point of view). No driver flex, which is very good from a low-budget iem (oh I remember you, AWEI).

Is the Mee audio ed9 better than the M9 classic?

The MEE Audio (formerly MEElectronics) M9 Classic was an impressive budget IEM, offering an unprecedented level of quality across the board at the rock-bottom price of ten dollars. From a sound standpoint, the ED9 easily blows the M9 out of the water with its refinement, its more balanced sound, and its neat tuning filter features.

How good are the highs on the ed9’s?

I would say too that ED9’s highs are very detailed, but never harsh. They are a Hi-Res jewel. Where other earphones distort at highest notes, these ones deliver an extended smooth reproduction and keep waiting for more. An example is when I first used them to listen to A-HA and Erasure, two bands who use lots of trebble detail.

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Why choose Aten?

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