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Is hackers a good movie?

Is hackers a good movie?

With over 122,000 audience ratings and reviews that declare it “the best movie of all time,” Hackers scores an easy win in this category by being both charmingly retro and timeless, thanks to its cyber-world and likable characters like Joey (Jesse Bradford), Cereal Killer (Matthew Lillard), Nikon (Laurence Mason), and …

Is Rage Against the Machine in the movie hackers?

(Not actually in the movie. Background music for one of the trailers.) Played during the opening credits, as a young Dade leaves the courthouse. It continues as the older Dade sits in his room hacking into a TV station.

Where did Kate meet Dade?

Stanton High School
Dade enrolls at Stanton High School, where he meets Kate Libby (Angelina Jolie), who is assigned to take him on a tour of the school. After Dade learns that Kate is “Acid Burn”, a feud erupts between them.

Who are the actors in the movie Hackers?

Hackers is a 1995 American crime film directed by Iain Softley and starring Jonny Lee Miller, Angelina Jolie, Jesse Bradford, Matthew Lillard, Laurence Mason, Renoly Santiago, Lorraine Bracco, and Fisher Stevens. The film follows a group of high school hackers and their involvement in a corporate extortion conspiracy.

What do critics think of the movie Hackers?

Audiences surveyed by CinemaScore gave the film a grade B on scale of A to F. Critics praised the film for its stylish visuals but criticized its unconvincing look at hackers and their subculture.

Who are some famous hackers in real life?

They studied computers and met with actual computer hackers, including Tristan Louis, Kevin Mitnick, and Nicholas Jarecki. Jarecki served as a technical consultant and credits his experience on Hackers as inspiring his later career as the screenwriter and director. Actor Jonny Lee Miller even attended a hacker’s convention.

Did a hacker make a virus that will capsize five oil tankers?

Hackers are blamed for making a virus that will capsize five oil tankers. A young boy is arrested by the U.S. Secret Service for writing a computer virus and is banned from using a computer until his 18th birthday.