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How much money can you make from a snail farm?

How much money can you make from a snail farm?

You can start the business with N60,000 or N100,000 depending on how large you want your snail farm to be. Asides the amount of your investment, it is possible to produce 1,000,000 snails now worth more than N5 million twice a year.

How long does it take snail to reach table size?

The average time it takes for snails to reach a proper size and weight that is suitable for eating, however, is about 12 months. You can harvest snails when they are between the ages of 12–18 months because, after that time, the growth rate will decline.

Is snail farming profitable in Uganda?

Booming business According to NOTS, an acre of land producing snails has the potential to generate a profit of €20,000 (about Shs90m). Nyende has given parent stock to 15 other farmers he has interested since starting the venture in 2017. He sells to them a minimum of 100 parent stock at Shs500 each.

How much does it cost to start snail farming Nigeria?

Cost Of Starting A Snail Farm In Nigeria Total cost is 22,500+ 20,000+5,000 = 50,000 Naira. So, with 50,000 Naira, you can start a small snail farm in Nigeria and make amazing profit from it.

Which snail is best for farming?

The most recommended are the Giant African Land Snails (GALS), and they come in three major species;

  • Achatina Achatina.
  • Achatina Fulica.
  • Archachatina Marginata.

How much is a kilo of snails?

Export market prices for US snails Before 2019, one kilogram of snails was going for US$6.85 in 2017 and US$5.30 in 2018. In 2019 the export price changed to $6.94 per kilo, by 30.97%.

How do I sell my snails?

Visiting local farmers markets and other food markets is the easiest way to spread the word about your new business. You might meet more local businesses who would cooperate with you, or sell directly to local people. There are also big snail buyers that might be interested in purchasing your snails.

How many months does it take a snail to mature?

Usually, land snails reach maturity between 6 weeks and five years of age. Some mature sooner or later if the conditions of their external environment are favorable or not to their development.

Where can I market snails in Nigeria?

Various channels which snails can be marketed include Hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, local markets, companies who use snail slime as their raw material and to beginner’s who are just starting their snail farms.

Where do I sell snail?

How much is a bag of snail in Nigeria?

On the average the price of a mature snail is between #600-#1000, while Point of lay snails (i.e sexually matured snails) is between #300 -#500 depending on the season, location and value addition(live or processed).

How much will it cost to start a snail farm?

As a snail farmer, you do not need so much money to start. If you want to start Snail farming in Nigeria in 2021, then it will cost you less than Fifty Thousand Naira (N50,000) at the start and it will cost as low as Ten Thousand Naira (N10,000) to run and maintain it.

How long does snail take to mature?

Is Nwapa snail farms the biggest farm in Africa?

As we will hear, the biggest snail Farm of Africa, Nwapa Snail Farms, will not only produce snails for the Ghanaian and the export market, but it also aims to improve local Ghanaian markets. Marc, take it away! Farming Africa talks with Justin King, Founder and CEO of Nwapa Snail Farms.

How do you get snails in Africa?

Snails handpicked from the bush (usually in the dead of the night) have been the only way to get snails to the market and dinner table. However, as Africa’s population explodes and our forests continue to be sacrificed to build cities, the (bush) supply of snails cannot keep up with the soaring demand.

How to start a snail farm?

The size of your snails must be large and ‘intimidating’ enough to command a premium (high) price. For this to happen, you must start your snail farm with the right species (the Giant African type) and ensure that you apply proper breeding, stocking and feeding practices to achieve the huge sizes that will make you a highly sought after supplier.

Is snail farming a profitable business?

In terms of cost and time, snail farming is a low risk business. Unlike many other livestock businesses, snail farming requires very little startup and operating costs. It can be run from your backyard (if you have a sizeable one) or on that piece of land wasting away in your neighbourhood or village.