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How many endings does RE3 have?

How many endings does RE3 have?

one ending
There is only one ending in Resident Evil 3, so say goodbye to those alternative ending choices. The answer to the question “are there alternative endings to Resident Evil 3” is a simple no. There is only a single ending to Resident Evil 3.

Do you play as Carlos in the original Resident Evil 3?

Fans will be delighted to hear that yes, you can play as Carlos in Resident Evil 3. This will occur naturally as part of the story after you have escaped Downtown Raccoon City in the subway. At this point, you’ll take control of Carlos as he attempts to locate Dr. Bard.

Is there a secret ending to Resident Evil 3 remake?

In Resident Evil 3 remake, there’s only one ending. This is likely because the Live Selection system was cut, so you can no longer influence the story in the same way. There’s the off chance that some sort of alternate ending could be triggered by some obscure requirement, but I would think I’d have seen it by now.

Who was Nikolai working for re3?

Officially he was a Sergeant within the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service, an anti-B.O.W. force. Unofficially, he was part of Col. Vladimir’s internal affairs bureau and spied on the UBCS.

How do you unlock infinite weapons in re3?

Clear The Game To Unlock The Shop To get Infinite Ammo weapons, you will need to unlock the shop by clearing the game for the first time. Once unlocked, you can spend points that you have earned by completing challenges throughout the story’s campaign to buy weapons with unlimited ammo.

What happens to Jill after re3?

After making her return in last year’s remake of Resident Evil 3, Jill’s future in the Resident Evil video game franchise remains unclear. In the video games timeline, Jill’s last appearance was in Resident Evil 5, where she was abducted by Albert Wesker and placed under mind control.

What happened at the end of re3?

At the end of the Resident Evil 3 remake, Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service member Nikolai Zinoviev reveals he was hired by an unnamed “client” – possibly scientist Albert Wesker, or the same mysterious corporation who employed RE2’s Ada Wong – to gather combat data on Umbrella’s bioweapons and destroy the …

Is Nikolai nemesis?

Nicholai seeing Jill Valentine after she was infected by Nemesis T-Type. Nicholai Ginovaef, alternatively known as Nikolai Zinoviev, is the secondary antagonist of Resident Evil 3 and its 2020 remake, a minor antagonist in Resident Evil: Outbreak, and a major antagonist in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

Which Resident Evil is on a boat?

Resident Evil 5
The Patrol Boat is a location in Resident Evil 5.

Is Samurai Edge better re3?

The Samurai Edge functions just like the regular handgun you start the game with, but this one packs more punch and is more accurate. The downside is that you can’t attach any custom weapons part to it, but even so, it’s better than the normal handgun.

Is there a Resident Evil 3 sequel?

About the game —————– Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (called Biohazard 3: Last Escape in Japan) was the long awaited sequal to Resident Evil 2, and was Capcom’s stopgap while people waited for Resident Evil: Code Veronica.

Is the original Resident Evil remade on GameCube?

At the end of 2001, Capcom announced that they would be remaking their entire Resident Evil back-catalogue on the GameCube. A few months later, it was revealed that in fact only the original Resident Evil would be remade, while the latter chapters would be just ports.

Is there a Dreamcast version of Resident Evil 3 Nemesis?

A Dreamcast version of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis hit the stores in the later quater of 2000, with both ports being near-identical to eachother. I shall explain the additions later in the FAQ, but suffice to say, people were contempt with the graphical improvements involved.

What is the best Resident Evil game for PS1?

Resident evil 3 is the true final Resident evil for the pS 1, cause i dont count Survivor as one of the games. This is one helluva game i must say, even though it still contains the fixed backgrounds like the previous game it still rocks and is one of the best looking games for the 32 bit machine.