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How fast is the Toro TimeMaster?

How fast is the Toro TimeMaster?

4.5 mph
The Personal Pace Self-Propel system and Traction-Assist handle on the Toro TimeMaster work together to give the operator constant control over the drive of the mower. Push down a little on the handle, and the mower moves a little. Push down all the way, and you up to 4.5 mph of propelled speed.

Is the Toro TimeMaster self propelled?

Self-propel system that senses and smoothly adjusts to your preferred walking pace. For more challenging areas with uneven terrain, the Traction Assist handle can help you stay in control of your mowing path and speed.

How long does Toro timemaster last?

With the engine off, you’ve got no help moving those 132 pounds around. Also, this power comes at a cost: thirst. That 223cc engine is thirsty. Toro’s own spec is a tank lasts about an hour, and my experience was a little less.

How heavy is a Toro timemaster?

144 lbs.

MODEL 21199
Weight Approx. 144 lbs.
Toro Performance Warranty** 3-Year GTS Full / 3-Year Full
PRICE $1,449.00 (USD)
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How heavy is a Toro TimeMaster?

Does Toro timemaster come with oil?

Important: This machine does not come with oil in the engine. Before starting the engine, fill the engine with oil.

How long will a Toro lawn mower last?

Generally speaking, you should be able to get 7 to 10 years out of a new lawn mower, but repairs come up. Things like belts pull chords, or broken cables are easily replaced with little cost.

Does the Toro timemaster save time?

A powerful engine means the Toro Timemaster 21199 makes short work of cutting lawns, saving you time and effort.

How much oil does a 30 inch Toro timemaster take?

20 oz.
fill: 20 oz. (0.59 l), type: SAE 30 detergent oil with an API service classification of SF, SG, SH, SJ, SL, or higher.

How much does a turfmaster deck cost?

Toro 30″ TurfMaster HDX (22215) $ 2,388.00 $ 2,149.00. Highly Productive 30″ Deck. Impact Protection. Heavy Duty Components. Commercial Grade Wheels. Mulching System. Large 1-Gallon Gas Tank. Two-Bail Control System.

What kind of engine does a Toro Lawn mower have?

2021 TORO 30″ TURFMASTER HDX COMMERCIAL MOWER (MODEL 22215) – Toro Tough – Rubber tires with co-polymer wheels and ball bearings. – Mowing Muscle – Kawasaki FJ180V engine and MV702 transmission …See More Details

What kind of lawn mower is a Timemaster 30 inch?

TimeMaster 30 in. Personal Pace Variable Speed Self-Propelled Walk-Behind Gas Lawn Mower with Briggs & Stratton Engine. For homeowners seeking a lawn mower with high quality, a user-friendly design and excellent mulching capability. Toro products are known for Smart Features and Proven Dependability.

How long is the warranty on a Toro Lawn Mower?

And you can rest easy knowing that Toro stands behind its mowers with 1-year warranty. And as a Toro owner, you’ll have access to nearly 3,000 servicing dealers across the U.S. and Canada ready to assist you.