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How fast is a Formula Fastech 382?

How fast is a Formula Fastech 382?

93.8 mph
Formula 382 FAS3Tech Review: Still Got Game

Fuel capacity 195 gal
Engines (2) Ilmor 725 V-10
Top speed 93.8 mph at 6,475 rpm
Cruising Speed 57.1 mph at 4,000 rpm

How FAST is Formula boat?

Formula-4s The boats uses a Mercury 60 HP stock EPA engine and reach a top speed around 120 km/h. F4S runs 113 kilo 4 stroke motors rev-limited to 6250 RPM on very short tunnels. The top speed in competition is 120 km/h.

Why did Formula stop making Fastech?

The company is no longer updating or promoting the line and has dropped it from production for the 2020 model year. Formula Boats offered high-performance powerboats from 27 to 41 feet. “The pure performance market has just gotten smaller and smaller,” Smith said.

Is Formula Boats still in business?

Until his passing in October of 2021, Vic Porter held the office of Chairman Emeritus of Formula Boats. Now, four sons and a daughter actively manage the business.

Is Formula boats still in business?

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