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How do you fix occipital encephalocele?

How do you fix occipital encephalocele?

Treatment. Encephalocele is treated with surgery to place the protruding part of the brain and the membranes covering it back into the skull and close the opening in the skull. However, neurologic problems caused by the encephalocele will still be present. Long-term treatment depends on the child’s condition.

Can a baby survive occipital encephalocele?

Babies with an encephalocele at the back of the head have a 55 percent survival rate. Long-term prognosis for survival becomes less likely if there are other complications, such as associated defects or syndromes or if brain tissue protrudes into the sac.

Can encephalocele be corrected?

Surgical correction of an encephalocele can be achieved without causing any further functional disability, even in cases of large encephaloceles. Additional treatment is based on the specific symptoms present in each individual case.

What are the causes of encephalocele?

In many cases the cause of the encephalocele cannot be found. Encephalocele is part of a group of nervous system disorders called neural tube defects. Getting enough folic acid (Vitamin B9), before and during pregnancy can help prevent neural tube defects.

What are frontoethmoidal encephaloceles?

Frontoethmoidal encephaloceles manifest as a clinically visible mass along with the nose. The intracranial root of most frontoethmoidal encephaloceles lies at the foramen cecum, a small ostium located at the bottom of a small depression anterior to the crista galli and formed by the closure of the frontal and ethmoid bones.

What is the appearance of basal encephaloceles?

Basal encephaloceles are internal and are not generally externally visible, although they may manifest as a lump or bump in the oropharynx or nasopharynx.

Are there different classification systems for encephaloceles?

Numerous classification systems exist for encephaloceles, many of which are only of subspecialty interest, and most use very similar terminology, sometimes with different meanings 7. As a result reading about this topic can be frustrating.