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How do I organize folders in Lotus Notes?

How do I organize folders in Lotus Notes?

Click the folder icon above the message list, and then click Move to Folder. 3. (Optional) To create a new folder to use, click Create New Folder, type a folder name, select a folder location, and then click OK.

How do you organize emails in Lotus Notes?

Go to Preferences > Mail > Display. Establish a Move and Close folder to save, close, and file messages with one click. Note: You must first designate a folder in your Mail preferences. From the Inbox, select a message and then select Move to Folder.

How do I move a subfolder to the main folder in Lotus Notes?

You can move the folders or views in the navigation pane into other unrelated folders or views….To move a folder

  1. Open the folder you want to move.
  2. From the menu, choose Actions – Folder Options – Move.
  3. Select the location to put the folder into in the “Choose a folder” dialog box.

How do you compact an email in Lotus Notes?


  1. Open a Notes application.
  2. Click File > Application > Properties.
  3. Click the Info tab.
  4. Click % used.
  5. If the percentage of an application in use drops below 90% (it contains more than 10% unused space), click Compact. Results.

How do I access archive notes?

To do so, open the note and tap the ‘Archive’ button on the top right corner. That’s it; it’ll be moved to the archives tab in the app. To retrieve archived notes, tap the hamburger menu at the top left to open the sidebar. Here, click on ‘Archive.

How do I select all emails in Lotus Notes?

If you want to select multiple messages, place your mouse cursor in the selection bar to the left of the messages. Click and hold down the mouse button and drag down the selection bar. This places check marks next to all the messages you drag past. You can deselect messages the same way.

How do I change a sub folder to a main folder?

Left click on folder you want to move and hold down to grab folder. Drag to hover over either the mail account name for a top level position or hover over a folder to drop as a subfolder. Release mouse to drop into position. Left click on folder you want to move and hold down to grab folder.

How do I make a sub folder a main folder?

Type your folder name in the Name text box. In the Folder Contains drop-down menu, click Mail and Post Items. In the Select where to place the folder box, click the folder under which you want to place your new subfolder. Click OK.

How do I compact Lotus Notes Archive?

To compact the database, follow below mentioned steps:

  1. Open Lotus Notes, click on file option and then on Database.
  2. Click on Properties option.
  3. Open the Information tab and click on Compact button.
  4. Click Sever/ Programs in Domino directory.
  5. Select Configuration folders and click on Add Program button.

Can I archive notes?

To archive a note, right-click on the note in the notes list and select Archive. Once you confirm, this will mark the note as archived and collapse it into an archived section at the bottom of its notebook. You can still find this note via search at the bottom of your search results.

How do I hide notes in notes app?

  1. You can lock the notes in your iPhone’s Notes app with password protection to keep them private.
  2. To lock a note, you need to add a lock to the file using the Notes app’s Share button.
  3. Once a note has a lock, you can choose to hide it behind a password, Touch ID, or Face ID, or unhide it and keep it readily available.

Can I Archive notes?

How to manage archive settings in Lotus Notes?

Maximum organizations already placed archive settings in their Lotus Notes. It helps organizations to manage the flow of emails from each user and boosts computer’s performance. Click on Actions-> Select ct Archive-> and then Press Settings. 3. Define Your Archive Settings

How to backup Lotus Notes mailbox?

Lotus Notes archive can serve as a backup of your mailbox. You can transfer your mailbox from one Lotus Notes-based system to another by using an archive file. What’s the Lotus Notes Archive File Location? The default IBM Lotus Notes Archive file location is: C:/Program files/IBM/Notes/Data/Archive/archive.nsf

How to convert Lotus Notes archive file to PST?

To convert a Lotus Notes archive file into PST with the software, follow these steps: Launch the software. In the Select NSF File window, click Browse and provide the location of the Lotus Notes archive. Click the Convert button to begin the file conversion process.

How do I recover lost email in Lotus Notes?

and for recall lost email, you can get, if you backup email periodically. This is not a big problem. You can easily recover your email following some easy instructions. There is an option in Lotus Notes 6.5 software which is ‘do not archive items in this folder”. This option indicates that you do not need to open your email again.