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How do I get rid of El Cid timeshare?

How do I get rid of El Cid timeshare?

Give away your El Cid Vacations Club timeshare. Work directly with El Cid Vacations Club to get released from your timeshare. Hire a reputable timeshare exit company to cancel your El Cid Vacations Club timeshare. Rescind your El Cid Vacations Club timeshare contract.

Who owns El Cid vacation Club?

Grupo El Cid Resorts was founded 50 years ago by Julio Berdegué and is now led by his son Carlos Berdegué Sacristán, President and CEO.

How do you get out of a vacation club?

To get out of a timeshare legally, consider these options:

  1. Use the rescission period.
  2. Call the timeshare developer.
  3. Rent your timeshare out.
  4. Sell your timeshare on the resale market (but expect to take a hit).
  5. Gift your timeshare to a friend, family member or stranger.

Does Wyndham own El Cid?

A Wyndham-Affiliated Resort Owning at this resort offers an incredible amount of vacation opportunities. A member of both Club Wyndham and El Cid vacation networks, you will be able to customize your getaway each year with a flexible points-based membership.

How many rooms does El Cid Marina have?

400 rooms
We have around 400 rooms at el Cid Marina in Puerto Morelos. We hope you enjoy your vacation with us.

How far is Hotel Marina El Cid from airport?

Ventus at Marina el Cid Spa is a hotel located 27.3 km (16.926 mi) or 28 min away from Cancun International Airport.

Can a timeshare put a lien on your home?

If a repayment plan isn’t negotiated, the timeshare company might go the route of taking you to court for breach of contract to get a judgment against you and place a lien against the property. Ultimately, they will foreclose on the property.

Can you get out of a timeshare without a lawyer?

You’ll have to cut each separate contract to escape. That’s a lot to do on your own, so you may need an attorney to help you work your way out of all those contracts. Find one who specializes in contract law and has successfully gotten people out of their timeshares.

What happens if you refuse to pay timeshare maintenance fees?

If you stop paying your timeshare maintenance fees, you will likely default on your ownership. This not only hurts the resort, but it hurts you and your credit. Like a home going into foreclosure, the resort takes the ownership back and it will stay on your credit report.

Can I walk away from timeshare?

You can’t just walk away from a timeshare. That’s because they often come with an obligation to pay maintenance fees for as long as you own them.

Is El Cid Vacation Club a scam?

But unfortunately, el Cid Vacations Club has become in one of the biggest timeshare scams in Mexico. At El Cid Resort’s timeshare presentation, vacationers are offered an El Cid timeshare points for sale package, being that they work with two rental companies: Phoenix Vacation Property Management and Platinum Exchange Services Corp.

Is El Cid a good company for timeshare?

El Cid have gained a very bad reputation in timeshare matter, and there are a lot of complaints around several websites like Ripoff Report, Complaints board, Redweek, etc. 1. – At the timeshare presentation, salespeople offer potential clients false promises of discounts on airfares, cruises, car rentals, etc.

What happened to the complaint filed with El Cid?

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. A friend and I were accompanied during the bus ride from the airport to El Cid (part of the process of staying at El Cid) for a 1 week vacation that was in a 2 bedroom / 3 bath unit which was fully paid for.

Why did El Cid take so much money?

That El Cid had taken millions of dollars and purchased hotels and spaces on airlines and cruises, so that when we wanted to use these vacations that we would have priority and we would always be able to get where we wanted to go because of the club vs. timeshare theory.