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How do I disable directory listing in WordPress?

How do I disable directory listing in WordPress?

To disable directory listing, you’ll need to add some code to your site’s . htaccess file. To access the file, you’ll need an FTP client, or you can use the file manager app inside your WordPress hosting control panel.

How do I enable directory browsing in cPanel?

Log in to cPanel. In the “Advanced” section, click the “Indexes” link or icon. You’ll see the directory structure for your website. To enter a directory, click the folder icon.

What is the impact of an activated directory listing?

A directory listing is inappropriately exposed, yielding potentially sensitive information to attackers. A directory listing provides an attacker with the complete index of all the resources located inside of the directory. The specific risks and consequences vary depending on which files are listed and accessible.

How to configure FTP directory browsing?

In the Home pane, double-click FTP Directory Browsing. Configure the following options: Click to select UNIX for the Directory Listing Style. Click to select Virtual directories. Click to select Available bytes. Click Apply in the Actions pane. Optional flags attribute.

How to disable WordPress directory listings?

I’ll show you the following 3 ways to disable WordPress directory listings: 1 Disable WordPress Directory listings in the cPanel Admin Dashboard. 2 Add a No Indexes rule to your .htaccess file using your cPanel File Manager tool. 3 Add a No Indexes rule to your .htaccess file using an FTP client. More

How to disable listing of a listing in a directory?

Open or create .htaccess file on the directory that you want to disable listing using your preferred text editor. Add -Indexes to Options directive in the .htaccess file.

Why FTP cannot retrieve directory listing?

This error is caused due to the bad settings in the FTP server, misconfiguration of FTP client, when passive mode setting disables and much more. That’s why we often get requests from our customers to solve the error like “FTP cannot retrieve directory listing” as part of our Server Management Services.