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Can you use a stock tank as a pool?

Can you use a stock tank as a pool?

Stock tank pools require maintenance and care at least at the same level as a standard pool. You will still need to scoop leaves and debris from the pool, vacuum the bottom of the pool and treat the pool with chemicals to prevent growth of algae and bacteria, and use a pool filter like this one.

How much is a stock pond pool?

Stock tank pool costs start at $200 and vary depending on the material, size, and capacity. While an in-ground swimming pool can cost $20,000 to $65,000, and an above-ground pool can set you back $3,500 to $15,000, a stock tank can be had for between $200 to $450.

Do stock tank pools last?

If you don’t mind the bright blue color and the size of the above ground pool, maybe that choice would be better for you. I will say that we read that above ground pools usually last about three years, but a stock tank can last well over 10 if you take care of it.

What is a bottomless stock tank pool?

Bottomless Tanks Bottomless stock tanks are a more permanent alternative to traditional steel stock tanks and they’re available in much larger sizes than traditional stock tanks. Choose from 12′ diameter all the way up to 30′! Bottomless tanks have deeper depths of 26”, 33”, and even 44’“ (on a limited basis).

How many gallons is a 8×2 stock tank?

700 gallons
Size: 8′ W x 2′ T. Approx. Capacity: 700 gallons. Approx.

How deep can a stock tank pool be?

2 to 3 feet
Stock tanks come in different sizes and usually range between three and ten feet in diameter and 2 to 3 feet in depth.

Do stock tank pools rust?

The truth is the stock tank will rust with time even with regular water with no chemicals or salt in it. The goal is to catch it in the beginning and fix the problem before it spreads.

Should I drain my stock tank pool for winter?

If you live in a place where it’s too cold to keep your tank full, you are obviously going to need to drain it. There are a few options if this is the route you are going. First, check out how we get all the water out of our pool here. Then, you can get a pool cover or a tarp to keep water out.

What is the deepest stock tank pool?

Stock tanks are typically 24 inches deep. They are available in diameters from two feet all the way to 10 feet, but Attal says the eight-foot model is popular for pools.

What do you do with a stock pool tank in the winter?

Stock tank pools do just fine in winter in most climates. There are a few options: You can heat your Cowboy Pool with one of our heater systems. You can keep the pump running to keep the water flowing.

Do stock tank pools get hot?

A: Nope! The metal tank only gets as warm as the water in the tank. So keep it filled to keep it cool!

What is a cowboy swimming pool?

Also known as a “cowboy pool” or a “hillbilly pool,” stock tank pools are made of, well, stock tanks! Stock tanks are large troughs made of metal or plastic used to provide water for livestock on farms.

What is the point of a stock tank pool?

A stock tank is a standard farm fixture, typically used to feed and give water to livestock (and occasionally used as a DIY swimming pool). But in recent years, there’s been a trend of urban dwellers outfitting them with pumps and injecting them with chlorine to create backyard pools.

What is a cowboy tub?

The Cowboy Hot Tubs are formed where a desert stream flows over a long section of slickrock. The sun heats the slickrock, which in turn heats the water to bath tub warm temperatures. To top things off native American rock art lines the canyon walls for your enjoyment.

How do I keep mosquitoes out of my stock pool?

“We definitely recommend getting a small pump and filter or aerator,” a Tractor Supply Company spokesperson tells “As they transfer and move the stock tank water, they keep the water from getting too hot, prevent algae and other buildup, and prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

Do you need a pump for a stock tank pool?

A pool pump is a must. It will filter out debris and keep the water circulating. Without it, you’ll have 700 gallons of sitting water for mosquitos and bacteria to feed on, which can be dangerous to your health.

What do you do with a stock tank pool in the winter?

If you live where it doesn’t freeze for long periods of time, your best bet is to keep your tank filled with water. This comes straight from the manufacturers mouth. This is the best way to slow down the rusting process. If you choose to go this route, you do not have to keep your pump running all winter.

How much does a stock tank pool cost?

Small but functional, this is the “tiny home” of stock tank pools. Just $99 and it can be delivered to your home! NEVER LEAVE CHILDREN UNATTENDED IN A POOL.

Do stock tank pools require a lot of maintenance?

They do require a bit of maintenance, but it’s not hard to avoid common stock tank pool problems. They’re easier to set up too. Once you’ve chosen a relatively flat area in your yard, all you have to do is seal it off, plop down your stock tank swimming pool, and maybe add a pump, which makes it easier to fill and clean.

How do you make a stock tank pool look natural?

Bamboo walling and water-patterned lining make this stock tank pool look like a natural part of the environment. Blogger Cuckoo4Design positioned it in the side of her yard and built a rock feature to curve around the pool and serve as a spot to sit and dangle your legs into the water.