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Can you have a job at Cambridge University?

Can you have a job at Cambridge University?

Cambridge is explicit in its ‘no jobs policy’. According to the official university site, ”students are expected not to work during term-time” due to the intense workload across undergraduate courses.

How do I apply for a job at Cambridge?

To apply for a job online, just click the ‘Apply online’ button in the advert. You will need an email address to register for our online system. A document providing guidance for applicants is available which will help you through the process of filling in the online application form.

What jobs do Cambridge graduates do?

This was followed by teaching at 8.7 per cent and banking at 8.5 per cent. Public Service accounted for 6.7 per cent of 2008 graduate employment. Other prominent industries included accountancy, the arts, IT, consulting, manufacturing and utilities, science research, and social work.

How much does a Cambridge professor earn?

The highest paid Cambridge University employees are Professors at $124,000 annually. The lowest paid Cambridge University employees are Lecturer & Teaching Fellows at $31,000.

Can I get a job while at Oxford?

Working for the University or an Oxford college You may be offered part time work at one or more University departments or Oxford University Colleges or Permanent Private Halls, in administrative, teaching or other roles. You can read the University’s information on employing students.

Do you have to live in Cambridge Uni?

Full-time students are required to keep terms of residence in Cambridge in order to be awarded their degrees. In order to keep residence, you need to live (or reside) within the University’s precincts during term time.

How do I write a CV in Cambridge?

What do you need to include in the CV

  1. Personal details (name, email address, address and telephone number)
  2. Skills you possess.
  3. Education.
  4. Training received.
  5. Work history – (the name of the company, location and how long you worked there)
  6. Achievements (educational, sports or work related)
  7. Publications (if you are a writer)

Is it worth studying at Cambridge?

The University of Cambridge is ranked 7th in the QS World University Rankings 2020 and, along with Oxford, remains one of the two most famous and prestigious educational institutions in the UK. Historically, Cambridge has been better known for science, engineering, medicine and technology.

What is the salary for a PhD student at University of Cambridge?

£22,847 per annum (Spine Point 28 on the University’s Single Salary Spine). Overtime will be paid at your standard hourly rate. Applicants with a PhD will be appointed to Grade 7 at SP41 minimum (£33,309).

Why study at Cambridge University?

As part of the University of Cambridge, we’re respected the world over for our heritage and ethos of excellence. So, no matter who you are or what you do, you’ll feel proud to be here. Our heritage doesn’t mean we’re stuck in the past.

What are the products and services of Cambridge University?

Products and Services Our innovative products and services for learners, authors and customers are based on world-class research and are relevant, exciting and inspiring. Products and services Academic Research English Language Learning Educational Resources for schools Bibles Educational Research & Network Cambridge Assessment English