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Why did Top Thrill Dragster close?

Why did Top Thrill Dragster close?

Recently, an investigation cleared Cedar Point of violating any laws or rules in an accident involving the world’s second-tallest roller coaster last year. The accident happened in August when a woman standing in line was hit in the head by a metal object that flew off the Top Thrill Dragster ride.

How fast is the Top Thrill Dragster go?

120 mphTop Thrill Dragster / Max speed

How steep is the Top Thrill Dragster?

Race for the Sky. Put the pedal to the metal because no speeding tickets are cited to Top Thrill Dragster. Three point eight…. that’s 3.8…

Is Top Thrill Dragster getting removed?

Following the state’s report, park officials announced the coaster would stay closed in 2022 “while we evaluate the ride’s future,” according to a statement from Cedar Point spokesman Tony Clark.

How long does a ride on Top Thrill Dragster take?

Top Thrill Dragster, however, takes the prize for the most heart-stopping, lung-crushing and scream-worthy ride in all of Cedar Point. That seems like a bit of an overkill considering that it lasts a mere 17 seconds. How tall is the Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point?

What is the average waiting time for Top Thrill Dragster?

Top Thrill Dragster is located by the Corkscrew, Power Tower, and Magnum XL-200 for all of your thrill seeking needs! Important Information. Riders must be between 52″ and 78″ to ride. Thrill Rating: 5/5; Average Wait Times. Usual wait time is 45-60 minutes. This ride is generally most busy in the early afternoon. Photos

How fast does the Top Thrill Dragster go?

– Tallest roller coaster in the world – Tallest roller coaster drop – Fastest roller coaster in the world – Tallest complete circuit roller coaster

What caused the Top Thrill Dragster accident at Cedar Point?

SANDUSKY, Ohio – Top Thrill Dragster, the Cedar Point roller coaster involved in a serious accident on Sunday the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world. The ride has caused injuries among riders in the past, though none serious.