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Who was the mailman on Big Comfy Couch?

Who was the mailman on Big Comfy Couch?

Major Bedhead (Fred Stinson) is a recurring character on The Big Comfy Couch, a Canadian children’s show from the 90s. He is a clown who delivers the mail on his unicycle. He stops by to give Loonette postcards from her Auntie Macassar or Uncle Chester.

What year is the big comfy couch?

It aired from March 2, 1992, until December 29, 2006. It was produced by Cheryl Wagner and Robert Mills, directed by Wayne Moss, Robert Mills and Steve Wright.

How long did the Big Comfy Couch last?

Status. The Big Comfy Couch is a Canadian children’s television series aimed towards youngsters between the ages of two and eight about Loonette the Clown and her dolly Molly, who solve everyday problems on their “Big Comfy Couch”. It aired from March 2, 1992 until December 29, 2006.

How old is Loonette the Clown in the big comfy couch?

She is 5 in clown years.

Who was loonette the clown?

Alyson Court
Alyson Court originated the role of Loonette the Clown on the beloved (and bizarre) show. Loonette would solve problems and find treasures with the help of her doll Molly, Granny Garbanzo, a cat named Snicklefritz and delivery man Major Bedhead. While still well-known for Loonette, Court’s resume is quite lengthy.

Who is Alyson Court married to?

Erik SuzukiAlyson Court / Spouse (m. 2000–2005)

What happened to The Big Comfy Couch?

Since leaving the show, Court has continued her work as a voice actress, lending her voice to dozens of animated television series. She’s also appeared as a special guest at various fan conventions. According to her LinkedIn profile, Court has also become a voice director.

Why did Alyson Court leave Big Comfy Couch?

Court played Loonette the Clown, the main character of the series The Big Comfy Couch, for the first six seasons before leaving the show to focus on raising her child.

Where is Loonette the Clown now?

Is Loonette the Clown married?

Court continued to appear in educational productions, landing the lead role of Loonette the Clown on the series The Big Comfy Couch (1992–2002)….

Alyson Court
Television The Big Comfy Couch (1992–2002) Mr. Dressup (1984–1991)
Spouse(s) Erik Suzuki ​ ​ ( m. 2000; div. 2005)​ Z.M. Thomas ​ ​ ( m. 2019)​
Children 1

Why did Alyson Court leave big comfy couch?

Who was Loonette the Clown?

Who is loonette married to?

Needless to say, she’s no couch potato. The 48-year-old—married to comic book writer Z. M. Thomas and definitely not Steve Burns, FYI—sat down with E! News for a rare look into her life then and now.