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Who played the crazy guy in Batman?

Who played the crazy guy in Batman?

David Dastmalchian
Born July 21, 1975 Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States
Education DePaul University (BFA)
Occupation Actor
Years active 2005–present

What actors have played Batman?

Lewis G. Wilson.

  • Robert Lowery. Lowery took over the role in the follow-up serial, 1949’s Batman & Robin.
  • Adam West. The man logging the most hours in the Batcave, of course, was William West Anderson, whom you probably know better as Adam West.
  • Michael Keaton.
  • Kevin Conroy.
  • Val Kilmer.
  • George Clooney.
  • Christian Bale.
  • What movie is David dastmalchian in?

    The Suicide Squad2021Prisoners2013Ant‑Man and the Wasp2018Oppenhei…2023Blade Runner 20492017Dune2021
    David Dastmalchian/Movies

    Who played Dwight Pollard?

    David Dastmalchian
    David Dastmalchian (born July 21, 1975) is an American actor. He portrayed Dwight Pollard on Gotham.

    Who is the guy in the ambulance in the Dark Knight?

    Played by. Thomas Schiff was a paranoid schizophrenic and a former patient of Arkham Asylum. He was attracted to work for the Joker, an anarchist who wanted to cause chaos in Gotham, and Schiff was part of the Joker’s plan to assassinate Mayor Anthony Garcia.

    Who was the last Batman actor?

    Now, 56 years later, former “Twilight” saga star Robert Pattinson becomes the latest actor to appear as the superhero in “The Batman.” The Warner Bros.

    Who plays Mr polkadot?

    Played by David Dastalmachian in the film, the character hasn’t had a lot of appearances in comics since his debut in Detective Comics #300 in 1962 but when he has appeared, he’s kind of been something of a joke. Even Gunn himself has called Polka-Dot Man the “dumbest DC character of all time”.

    How do you pronounce dastmalchian?

    He’s aware that his last name is a mouthful; his website (drolly called offers a handy pronunciation guide dast-MOL-chin. Five years after he left town, Dastmalchian is back in Chicago through the end of the month shooting “Animals,” of which he is writer, producer and co-star.

    Who is dastmalchian Gotham?

    Dwight Pollard
    Gotham. Dastmalchian appeared in the Batman universe again, but this time on the Fox television series, Gotham. He starred in two episodes of Season 3, dubbed “Mad City,” as Dwight Pollard, a fervent admirer of Jerome Valeska (Cameron Monaghan), the show’s version of the Joker.

    What happened to David dastmalchian?

    David Dastmalchian has a busy 2021 with roles in The Suicide Squad, the Disney Plus series What If…? and Dune. “James did not know this about me when he cast me in his film, but I have a skin condition called vitiligo, which is an autoimmune disorder that erodes the pigment in my skin.

    Who played the fake Batman in The Dark Knight?

    Brian Douglas | Batman Wiki | Fandom.

    Who is the new Batman actor?

    star Robert Pattinson
    Now, 56 years later, former “Twilight” saga star Robert Pattinson becomes the latest actor to appear as the superhero in “The Batman.” The Warner Bros. release began playing in Greater Columbus theaters on Thursday.

    Who is Suicide Squad?

    Harley QuinnMargot RobbieJokerJared LetoDeadshotWill SmithKatanaKaren FukuharaEnchantressCara DelevingneWeaselSean Gunn
    Suicide Squad/Characters

    Who is Suicide Squad 2?

    Harley QuinnMargot RobbiePeacemakerJohn CenaKing SharkSylvester Stallone, Steve AgeeBloodsportIdris ElbaWeaselSean GunnPolka‑Dot ManDavid Dastmalchian
    The Suicide Squad/Characters

    Who is the voice of Batman in Batman Arkham Knight?

    Rino Romano was born in 1969 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is an actor, known for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2003), Resident Evil 4 (2005) and Spider-Man (2000). Bruce can be a bit out of character sometimes in this show but his voice actor did a fine job as Batman and Bruce Wayne.

    Who was the first live-action Batman?

    For the cast of the television series, see List of Batman television series cast members. Wilson is the first live-action portrayal of the character, appearing the first film serial. While, Lowery appears in the second film serial as the character. West appeared as the character in the 1960s television series and one feature film.

    Who is the actor who played Alfred Pennyworth in the Batman?

    Tony Award-winning English actor Michael Gough, best known for playing the butler Alfred Pennyworth in the first four Batman (1989, 1992, 1995 & 1997) movies and for playing the arch-criminal Dr. Clement Armstrong in The Avengers (1961) episode “The Cybernauts”, was an accomplished performer on 22. Clive Revill Actor | Avanti!