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Who is good kisser in Korean drama?

Who is good kisser in Korean drama?

1. Seo In-guk. Seo In-guk has always been known for being a good kisser. He has been giving us kiss scenes of the highest quality since Reply 1997, where he played Yoon Yoon-jae.

What is the longest kiss in K-drama?

The longest kiss scene in a drama was Suzy and Lee Seung Gi’s double kiss scene in the drama “Gu Family Book,” which attracted a lot of attention when it first aired. Lee Seung Gi initiates the first kiss, which lasts for 50 seconds, and Suzy initiates the second, which lasts for 36 seconds, for a total of one minute …

Why K-dramas are better than American shows?

K-dramas are generally known for having high production value, intense and often engrossing storylines, and quality acting that helps build an emotional connection between the characters and the audience.

Why did Secretary Kim resign?

He is so narcissistic that he doesn’t pay attention to what his trusty secretary, Kim Mi So (Park Min Young), is trying to tell him most of the time. After nine years of making Young Joon look good and stroking his very large ego, Min So decides to quit her job.

Which K-dramas have the best kissing scenes?

Don’t be surprised if K-dramas have more than one memorable kissing scene. In the 2019 drama, Melting Me Softly the two main characters share a sweet rain kiss in the forest in episode seven. The real top-notch kiss scene occurs in episode 10.

What are the best kiss scenes in while you were sleeping?

The two characters’ kissing scene near the waterfall is one of the most memorable kisses the two shared in the show. While You Were Sleeping had an array of kiss scenes, but the one that stood out the most was the one the two characters shared in the rain.

Who are the best on-screen Kissers in South Korea?

This time actors Park Min-young and Park Seo-joon play the main roles in a dream combination. They’re often titled as the best on-screen kissers. Lee Young-joon is the narcissistic CEO of a prestigious company and his secretary, Kim Mi-so is the sanity behind his madness.

What is the rating for a kiss scene in a anime?

Kissing scenes are oftentimes PG-13 or PG-rated. The scenes are more about emotion than actual extreme physicality and involve a lot of camera angles. The show’s plot is more mystical than others and involves the water god Ha-beak (Nam Joo-hyuk) visiting earth in order to retrieve stones to help claim his throne.