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Who is Chief Executive of NHS Scotland?

Who is Chief Executive of NHS Scotland?

Gerald McLaughlin was appointed Chief Executive of NHS Health Scotland in September 2010 and is a member of the Board. A social sciences graduate, Gerald worked for 20 years as a local authority social work manager, including a period as Glasgow’s principal child protection officer.

Who is the chair of Public Health Scotland?

Angiolina Foster CBE
The Minister for Public Health, Women’s Health and Sport Maree Todd MSP, and COSLA Health and Social Care Spokesperson Councillor Stuart Currie, today announced the appointment of Angiolina Foster CBE as the new Chair of the Public Health Scotland Board.

Who is in charge of NHS Highland?

Professor Boyd Robertson
Professor Boyd Robertson was appointed as chair of NHS Highland in December 2019 having been interim chair since February 2019.

How many NHS boards are there in Scotland?

14 health boards
NHS Scotland provides public sector health care through 14 health boards. Each board covers a different area of Scotland and is responsible for the delivery of health care and services to the local population.

Who is in charge of NHS Lanarkshire?

Heather Knox
Neena Mahal, Chair of NHS Lanarkshire, said: “I am delighted to announce that, following a competitive recruitment process, Heather Knox has been appointed Chief Executive of NHS Lanarkshire.

What is the equivalent of Nice in Scotland?

The SMC aims to make sure that people have the same access to treatment wherever they live in Scotland. It assesses how well each new medicine works and how cost effective it is.

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Is Hee part of the NHS?

Contents. Our purpose as part of the NHS, is to work with partners to plan, recruit, educate and train the health workforce.

Who inspects NHS in Scotland?

The Care Inspectorate is responsible for inspecting standards of care in Scotland.

How do I contact NHS Lanarkshire?

Enquiries about our website

  1. If you have a general question about NHS Lanarkshire or any of its services, contact our General Enquiry Line on 0300 3030 243 or email us: [email protected].
  2. If you can’t find what you’re looking for please contact our General Enquiry Line on 0300 3030 243.

Is Glasgow a Lanarkshire NHS?

NHS Lanarkshire is responsible for the health care of more than 652,000 people living within the council areas of North Lanarkshire and South Lanarkshire in Scotland, making it the third largest health board in the country after NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde and NHS Lothian.

What are the 14 Scottish health boards?

14 regional NHS boards.

  • Healthcare Improvement Scotland.
  • NHS 24.
  • Public Health Scotland.
  • NHS National Services Scotland.
  • NHS National Waiting Times Centre.
  • Scottish Ambulance Service.
  • State Hospitals Board for Scotland.
  • Who is the chief executive of the NHS Education for Scotland?

    Caroline joined the NHS in 2004, as Director of Finance and Corporate Resources for NHS Education for Scotland, and was appointed as Chief Executive of NHS Education for Scotland in 2015. Caroline moved into Scottish Government in December 2019 to lead the Digital Health and Care Directorate.

    Who is the Director-General of Health and social care in Scotland?

    The Director-General Health and Social Care is a member of the Scottish Government’s Corporate Governance Board. Caroline moved into the Scottish Government in December 2019 to lead the Digital Health and Care Directorate.

    What is the operating framework for Healthcare Improvement Scotland?

    This Operating Framework sets out the framework within which Healthcare Improvement Scotland ( HIS) and the Scottish Government ( SG) will work together. It defines the key roles and responsibilities which underpin the relationship between HIS and the SG.

    What does a director of Public Health in Scotland do?

    Leads the directorate responsible for national public health protection. Leads clinical professional development and training. Leads the directorate responsible for developing place-based approaches to improving health and wellbeing in Scotland.