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Which DC Metro line is the best?

Which DC Metro line is the best?

Waiting Times for Washington’s Metro Lines, From Best to Worst

  • Red Line riders are the luckiest: Many of them can get a train within 5 minutes, most likely around 3 or 4 minutes.
  • The Yellow Line is fine.
  • The Green Line comes close to the Yellow Line.
  • Most Orange and Silver Line riders are in the same boat.

How much is a Metrocard in DC?

Cost to Ride

Metrorail & Metrobus Cost to Ride
1-Day Unlimited Pass $13.00
3-Day Unlimited Pass $28.00
7-Day Unlimited Pass $58.00
7-Day Short-Trip Pass $38.00

What is the DC metro map and how does it work?

The DC Metro Map is a key tool for anybody living in or visiting the Washington DC area. Metro can be one of the most efficient ways to travel around the city, and understanding the system map can make travel easy. There are six metro lines: the Red Line, Blue Line, Orange Line, Silver Line, Yellow Line, and the Green Line.

What are the best metro stops in Washington DC?

Popular sightseeing Metro stops include the Smithsonian (Orange, Silver and Blue lines),¬†Woodley¬†Park-Zoo/Adams Morgan (Red line) and Gallery Place-Chinatown (Red, Green and Yellow lines). You can plan your trip and find the best route using Metro’s Trip Planner.

What are the different metro stations in NYC?

Metro Center Station (Red Line, Blue Line, Orange Line, and Silver Line) Fort Totten Station (RedLIne, Green Line, and Yellow Line) Gallery Place Station (Red Line, Green Line, and Yellow Line) L’Enfant Station (Blue Line, Orange Line, Silver Line, Green Line, and Yellow Line)

What are the rules of the Washington DC Metro?

The Washington, DC Metro serves thousands of commuters and visitors each day. Because the train system is so heavily used by busy local commuters, there are a number of unspoken rules that visitors should be aware of. If possible, you may want to ride at off-peak hours when the train system is much less hectic.