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Which city is rising sun?

Which city is rising sun?

Rising Sun is a city in Randolph Township and the county seat of Ohio County, Indiana, United States, along the Ohio River. It is also the only incorporated community in the county. The population of Rising Sun was 2,304 at the 2010 census….

Rising Sun, Indiana
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Who is the mayor of Rising Sun Indiana?

Steve SlackRising Sun / Mayor

What county is Rising Sun Indiana in?

Ohio CountyRising Sun / CountyOhio County is a county located in southeastern Indiana. With a 2010 population of 6,128, and an area of just 87 square miles, Ohio County is the smallest county in Indiana by area and the least populous. The county seat and only incorporated municipality is Rising Sun. Wikipedia

What is Rising Sun MD known for?

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places at Rising Sun are: the Jeremiah Brown House and Mill Site, East Nottingham Friends Meetinghouse, Joshua Lowe House, Thomas Richards House, and West Nottingham Meetinghouse.

How Big Is Rising Sun Indiana?

1.633 mi²Rising Sun / Area

When was Rising Sun Indiana founded?

James and his son, Pinckney, surveyed the land and platted what was to be Rising Sun. In 1816, he registered the town of Rising Sun.

Is Rising Sun Indiana a good place to live?

Rising Sun is an awesome place to live! It’s a very beautiful place to live and grow a family. The community is full of wonderful and very kind people.

Is Rising Sun MD a good place to live?

Rising sun is overall is an excellent community and home to all who live in it. We have a very good local coffee shop; and also a starbucks in our martins. I would love to see maybe some more restaurants, there’s not much to choose but overall rising sun is a great place to live in. Best town in the county.

What county is rising sun Maryland?

Cecil CountyRising Sun / County

Is Rising Sun Indiana nice?

Is Rising Sun in a good place to live?

Is MD in the north east?

Quick Links. States included in the Northeast Region: Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, pennsylvania, puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virgin Islands, Virginia and West Virginia.

What is the zip code for Rising Sun Maryland?

21911Rising Sun / Zip code