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Where is Millwall FC located?

Where is Millwall FC located?

London, United KingdomMillwall, London, United Kin…
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Where is the old den?

New Cross London
The Old Den

The Den
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Location New Cross London, SE14 England
Capacity 4,536 (seated only); 22,000 (including standing)

Who owns the Den Millwall?

MILLWALL owner John Berylson will make his return to The Den in the first week of the 2021-22 season. Lions CEO Steve Kavanagh told NewsAtDen recently that the club were planning for Berylson to attend games, and he will address supporters on the pitch before the Blackburn game.

Is Millwall safe?

Millwall NEIGHBORHOOD GUIDE A quiet neighborhood of terraces and apartment complexes in the shadow of Canary Wharf. Millwall has an average violent crime rate and an average property crime rate for London.

Where should I sit at Millwall?

I am a Millwall fan for over 30 years, much preferred the old place but this stadium is not too bad. if you want to sample the true Millwall experience sit in block 20 in the Dockers stand. it is situated next to the scoreboard and across from the away fans.

Where do Millwall fans sit?

The Cold Blow Lane Stand – This is the home of Millwall’s noisiest supporters and is notable by the yellow seat that spell out ‘The Den’.

Who are Millwall berserkers?

The club and fans of Millwall have a historic association with football hooliganism, which came to prevalence in the 1970s and 1980s with a firm known originally as F-Troop, eventually becoming more widely known as the Millwall Bushwackers, who were one of the most notorious hooligan gangs in England.

What are Millwall fans called?

Millwall F.C.

Full name Millwall Football Club
Nickname(s) The Lions
Founded 1885, as Millwall Rovers
Ground The Den
Capacity 20,146

What is Millwall tattoo?

Mitchell Elliot’s Banksy-inspired tattoo is a nod to the long tradition of supporting the Lions in his family. The 52-year-old said: “It symbolises the five generations of my family who have been Millwall fans. We all brought our sons to games and now my son is an avid fan.”

Where do away Coaches park at Millwall?

Away fans are located at one end of the ground in the North Stand (usually in the upper tier only). Around 4,000 away fans can be accommodated in this end. Like the general improvement in football, a trip to Millwall is not as threatening as it once was.

Where is Millwall FC’s the den?

The Den, sometimes referred to as The New Den, is the 20,146 capacity home ground of the infamous Millwall Football Club. Located in the South Bermondsey area of South-East London, the stadium opened back in 1993 at an estimated cost of £16 million.

Are there any pubs around Millwall’s Den?

There really aren’t any pubs around Millwall’s Den according to local listings, and any which are, are unlikely to be suitable for visiting supporters.

Why is Millwall’s new stadium called the den?

Having been the nomads of the Isle Of Dogs for 25 years, the club made the choice to settle in The Den in 1910 and lasted 83 years before moving to a new ground. Just to confuse supporters of both their own club and other clubs, Millwall decided to call their new stadium The Den, too.

What is “Millwall away”?

“Millwall Away”. The two words which used to strike fear into the heart of every football fan in England. Thankfully a lot has changed since the 1980s and football fans can now safely attend a match at The Den without getting their head caved in with a brick.