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Where are Stanley Fatmax tape measures made?

Where are Stanley Fatmax tape measures made?

the USA
STANLEY® FATMAX® tape measures and PowerLock® tape measures are made in the USA with global materials. They are the results of more than a century in tape technology and the standard by which the other tapes are measured.

Do Stanley tape measures have a lifetime warranty?

LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY STANLEY® Tools warrants tape measures against deficiencies in material and workmanship for the useful life of the tool. Deficient products will be replaced if sent to: Stanley Black & Decker, 100 Passmore Lane, Jackson, TN 38305, Attn: Quality Assurance.

What is Stanley Fatmax tape?

Stanley Fatmax tape measures offer a durable measuring device which can lock the blade to your desired length while measuring out and give you greater control when retracting the blade. Fatmax tape measures come a in a variety of lengths and often feature both metric and imperial scales.

Is Stanley a good tape measure?

The Stanley PowerLock is the best tape measure for a number of reasons. It has a durable blade, a functional tang, a solid stand-out, a strong locking lever, and a convenient belt hook. The PowerLock is a very basic tool and its pared-down simplicity makes it very light and easy to handle.

Which measuring tape is best?

Best Overall: Stanley PowerLock Tape Measure The Stanley PowerLock is our top pick. While 25 feet is standard, it is also available in options of 12, 16, 30, or 35 feet, and offers 10 feet of standout.

Will Stanley honor Craftsman warranty?

Stanley Black & Decker spokesman Tim Perra answered yes, but with some qualifiers, Thursday afternoon: “Today, Craftsman’s warranties vary by business and product lines, and in some cases are very similar to Stanley Black & Decker’s existing lifetime guarantee policies on certain product lines.

What is the best tape measure in the world?

BEST Tape Measure Overall. The BEST tape measure overall was the Stanley FATMAX. The FATMAX had the highest score in magnetic hold, debris testing, drop testing, hook durability and blade thickness.

Is Stanley or Milwaukee better?

The Stanley FatMax tape measure is slightly smaller and lighter than the Milwaukee, but the Milwaukee is constructed more sturdily. Since these are both keychain tape measures where weight and size are important, Stanley gets the advantage for being smaller and lighter.

What are the marks on a measuring tape?

Standard or SAE tape measures clearly show feet, inches and fractions of inches. The measurements on a tape measure are generally 16 marks to the inch. This means you can measure up to 1/16 of an inch. Some tapes measure from 32 to 64 marks to the inch.

What are the lines on a tape measure?

How to Read a Tape Measure

  • Inch markings. Each side has markings, with the long lines and large numbers indicating the one-inch marks (according to the imperial system).
  • Half-inch markings.
  • Quarter-inch markings.
  • Eighth-inch markings.
  • Sixteenth-inch markings.
  • Foot markings.

Is Craftsman going out of business?

In March 2017, Stanley Black & Decker acquired the Craftsman brand from Sears Holdings, which retained a limited license for Craftsman products….Craftsman (tools)

Product type Hand tools, power tools, lawn and garden equipment, work wear
Owner Stanley Black & Decker
Country United States
Introduced May 20, 1927