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Whats the definition of allocated?

Whats the definition of allocated?

1 : to apportion for a specific purpose or to particular persons or things : distribute allocate tasks among human and automated components. 2 : to set apart or earmark : designate allocate a section of the building for special research purposes.

What is the similar meaning of allocated?

allot, assign, issue, award, grant, administer, devote. share out, apportion, portion out, distribute, hand out, deal out, dole out, give out, parcel out, ration out, divide out, divide up, dispense, measure out, mete out. earmark for, designate for, set aside for, appropriate for, budget for.

What are some examples of Allocate?

Money from the sale of the house was allocated to each of the children. We need to determine the best way to allocate our resources. Have enough funds been allocated to finance the project?

What does heavily allocated mean?

Highly allocated products are products that are brought in on a very temporary basis, are not listed products or special order products and are highly limited in supply.

What is an allocated spirit?

‘Allocated spirits’ are special releases of products, including highly-sought bourbons, whiskies and other small-batch spirits offerings.

What is allocation of numbers?

An identification number assigned to a subject in a clinical trial, which is study-specific and based on the person’s date of entry in the trial and randomisation sequence.

Is Angel’s Envy allocated?

Why isn’t Angel’s Envy available in my state or country? Unfortunately, we’re currently under allocation, which means that we’ve had to limit the markets that we distribute to. We’re working hard to bring our whiskey to your area and, until then, we thank you for your patience.

Why is whiskey allocated?

Because distributor’s sell bottles to stores at prices lower than that. The price a store buys a bottle for and the price that they sell it for is how they earn their profit. Sometimes stores mark a particular allocated bottle under the suggested retail price to reward more valued customers.

What does payment allocation mean?

Payment allocation is the process of applying a payment toward an account’s open items, balancing all credits and debits, and then closing all balanced items.

What does allocation mean in a study?

Allocation methods, such as the ones described above, are used to assign participants to two or more study groups (e.g., treatment and control groups). Usually, the allocation is used to remove confounders.

How to pronounce allocated?

al-uh-key-shuh n al-lo-ca-tion al-loc-a-tion al-lo-ca-tion Record the pronunciation of this word in your own voice and play it to listen to how you have pronounced it. Learn to pronounce allocation Can you pronounce this word better

How to use “allocated” in a sentence?

use “allocated” in a sentence. Due to the huge demand, tickets will be allocated using a lottery system. The admin staff is suggesting that the space which has been allocated for their offices in the new building is insufficient. Almost half of a teacher’s time is allocated to preparing classes and marking assignments and tests. Parents are concerned that only 3% of the school’s budget is being allocated towards purchasing computer equipment, while over 60% will go towards increasing

What does allocated mean?

Stratton continues: “Securing long-term financing should mean that the capital is allocated and available from the outset of projects to serve the entire supply chain, but the emphasis is on “secure”.” Workman says that despite not being the

What is the definition of allocated?

“They are decisions taken solely by states and territories,” the PM says. He says the government only supports mandates in residential aged care, disability, and healthcare sectors.