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What words have Rax in them?

What words have Rax in them?

5 letter words containing rax

  • borax.
  • hyrax.
  • braxy.
  • raxed.
  • raxes.
  • serax.
  • marax.
  • harax.

Is RAX a word in Scrabble?

RAX is a valid scrabble word.

What words end in V in Scrabble?

Words That End With V

  • dev.
  • guv.
  • lav.
  • lev.
  • luv.
  • nav.
  • rev.
  • sev.

Do any words end in Rax?

The next best word ending with Rax is mesothorax, which is worth 22 points. Other high score words ending with Rax are storax (13), hyrax (18), borax (14), prothorax (21), styrax (16), metathorax (22), anthrax (17), and thorax (16).

What Rax means?

to stretch oneself
rax in American English 1. to stretch oneself, as after sleeping. 2. to extend the hand. transitive verb.

Is there a word in English that ends in V?

Words that end in V are a relatively rare breed in the English language….6 Letter Words.

Word Options
improv definition
maglev definition
moshav definition
satnav definition

What is the word Rax?

verb. (tr) to stretch or extend. (intr) to reach out. (tr) to pass or give (something to a person) with the outstretched hand; reachrax me the salt.

What is the plural of Rax?

rax (plural rax or raxes)

What words end with Rex?


  • murex.
  • carex.
  • mirex.
  • pyrex.
  • lurex.
  • forex.
  • durex.
  • sorex.

What words end in raw?

Words ending with raw

  • bedstraw.
  • foofaraw.
  • overcraw.
  • overdraw.
  • stoneraw.
  • wiredraw.
  • withdraw.

What is RAX sc2?

“RAX” is shorthand for “barracks”, a Terran structure that produces infantry units. It’s often used to describe build orders. So something like “3-Rax Reaper” is denoting an opener that involves getting three barracks quickly and producing Reaper units with them.

How do you use Rax in a sentence?

How to use rax in a sentence. Herr Habl had ascended the Rax on previous occasions, and twice before by the Wolfsthal.

What is the full form of Rax?

RAX – Remote Access Computing System.