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What was Diamond Shamrock before?

What was Diamond Shamrock before?

In 1979, Diamond Shamrock moved its corporate headquarters to Dallas, where the company’s name was changed to Maxus Energy Corp. in 1987 and its refining and marketing business became a separate entity called the Diamond Shamrock Refining and Marketing Company (later shortened to Diamond Shamrock in 1990).

Does Chevron buy Russian oil?

Chevron holds a 15% stake in the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC), which owns a 1,510-kilometer pipeline thatcarries about 1.2% of the world’s oil from oilfields in Kazakhstan to an export terminal in Russia.

What oil companies are owned by Russia?

The biggest Russian oil company is Rosneft followed by Lukoil, Surgutneftegaz, Gazprom Neft and Tatneft. All oil trunk pipelines (except Caspian Pipeline Consortium) are owned and operated by the state-owned monopoly Transneft and oil products pipeline are owned and operated by its subsidiary Transnefteproduct.

Does Chevron own Valero?

Valero enters the Western European refining market with the purchase of the Pembroke Refinery in Wales and related logistics assets and marketing business in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The acquisition from Chevron Corporation significantly enhances the company’s ability to compete globally.

Who owns Shamrock Oil and gas?

John Sheerin founded Shamrock Oil and Gas on August 9, 1929. As a native of Ireland he named the company after the symbol of his country of origin. The company was financed by the Fownes family of Pennsylvania and headquartered in Amarillo. The early years of the company were difficult experiencing a loss of about $9 million.

When did Diamond Alkali merge with Shamrock?

In 1967 Diamond Alkali merged with Shamrock Oil and Gas of Amarillo. At the time of the merger the company produced about 20 percent oil and gas and 80 percent chemicals. In 1978 Diamond Shamrock moved its headquarters to Dallas. By 1980 Diamond Shamrock had about 12,400 employees in thirty-seven countries.

What happened to Diamond Shamrock Refining and marketing company?

In 1987 The Diamond Shamrock Refining and Marketing Company severed ties with Diamond Shamrock Corporation, which was the parent company, and became independent with its headquarters in San Antonio.

Is Diamond Shamrock owned by Valero?

Since 2001, it operates as a brand of Valero and has withdrawn the brand from a majority of Texas gas stations and had converted most of the stores to Valero or sold them off to Texaco or other companies. The origins of Diamond Shamrock can be traced back to three foundation companies: Diamond Alkali, Shamrock Oil and Gas, and Sigmor Corporation.