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What is X-BOW ship?

What is X-BOW ship?

The X-BOW® is somewhat the reverse of a conventional bow, leaning backwards instead of forwards. An X-BOW vessel cleaves the waves, significantly reducing noise and vibration. She can sail faster and consume less fuel in high waves than a conventional bow would allow. And she is more comfortable for the crew.

Why is it called an X-BOW?

The name “X-Bow” is a play on the word “Crossbow”, which the device resembles. The letter “X” resembles a cross (十), leading to this abbreviated name. In the Japanese and Korean localization of the game, the X-Bow is called the “Large Crossbow”. In Chinese localizations of the game, the X-Bow is called the “Crossbow”.

Who invented X-BOW?


Production 2008–present
Assembly Graz, Austria (KTM Sportcar GmbH)
Designer KISKA
Body and chassis

How does an X-BOW work?

Instead of the traditional bow shape and design that punches through the water, the ULSTEIN X-BOW® hull is curved in a novel shape which increases the foreship volume. As a result, the bow penetrates the waves in a way where the water gently flows over the bow – reducing impact and slamming loads.

What is the advantage of a reverse bow?

Inverted bows maximize the length of waterline and hence the hull speed, and have often better hydrodynamic drag than ordinary bows. On the other hand, they have very little reserve buoyancy and tend to dive under waves instead of piercing or going over them.

What is an Atlantic bow?

Atlantic bow These vessels were built with a relatively low fore end which proved very wet except in a calm seaway. The answer was to adopt a raised bow with noticeable shear and flare that kept the foc’sle much drier than before and made weaponry nearby easier to operate.

How do I get XBOW?

The XBOW, with a default Kobra sight, is unlocked after completing the assignment Sticks and Stones. The XBOW Scoped, with a PKS-07 sight, is unlocked by completing the Go Play Close Quarters assignment.

What is a clipper bow?

Definition of clipper bow : an overhanging ship’s bow with a concave profile.

How do Xbows run out of ammo?

The X-Bow has to be loaded to work. Loading is free and takes place automatically after you log into the game, but if it fires enough shots without being reloaded it will eventually run out of ammunition and will not fire. It takes 3 minutes and 12 seconds for one X-Bow to unload all of its ammunition.

What is a spoon bow?

Definition of spoon bow : an overhanging bow of a ship whose underside is somewhat spoon-shaped.