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What is the difference between a TWAIN and ISIS driver?

What is the difference between a TWAIN and ISIS driver?

ISIS gives the software developer much more programmatic control than TWAIN. For example, ISIS allows control over scanner features such as display, file writing, and printing—just three of the many functions that cannot be controlled with TWAIN. With TWAIN, functionality differs from device to device.

What is ISIS EMC?

EMC Captiva ISIS (Image and Scanner Interface Specification) is the industry standard enterprise-level interface that unites scanners with software applications.

What is a TWAIN driver for scanner?

A TWAIN driver is software that handles communication between a PC and a scanner. Updates or reboots to the scanner could be the reason the scanner is no longer recognizing the TWAIN driver.

Can I use the Fujitsu fi-6670/a scanner with Kofax VRS?

The Fujitsu fi-6670/A scanner has up to two USB ports and up to three drivers that are certified for use with Kofax VRS 5.x. Matching the correct USB port to the correct driver and scan source are critical for properly configuring the scanner for use with Kofax VRS.

How do I configure the Fujitsu fi-6670 as the Default Scan source?

If the Legacy ISIS driver is installed, the Fujitsu fi-6670 scan source should be selected as the Default scan source in the Kofax VRS Administration Console’s Scanner Configuration screen. If the PaperStreamIP (ISIS) driver is installed the Fujitsu fi-6670 PaperStream_IP scan source should be selected as the Default scan source.

Where can I find drivers for the Fujitsu fi- series scanners?

Drivers for the Fujitsu fi- series scanners can be downloaded from Fujitsu’s website. The following link to Fujitsu’s website will allow you to search for drivers by scanner “Series”, “Model’ and “OS”. Search results on Fujitsu’s website may return TWAIN, Legacy ISIS, and PaperstreamIP (ISIS) drivers.

What is the fi-6670?

In keeping with Fujitsu’s long-standing commitment to safeguarding the environment, the fi-6670 is the latest business scanner to adhere to strictest ecological regulations throughout the entire manufacturing process.