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What is the best fertilizer for dendrobium orchids?

What is the best fertilizer for dendrobium orchids?

Any balanced orchid fertilizer (look at the numbers on the container, 20-20-20, etc.) can be used to fertilize your orchid. Feed weakly (1/4 strength) weekly works well for dendrobiums. Once a month use clear water to flush any accumulated salts from the potting mix.

How do you treat Dendrobium Bigibbum?

Maintain high humidity (70-75% most of the year, 65-70% in late winter and early spring). This plant should be kept moist during the growing season. Dendrobium bigibbum needs a rest period after flowering. Maintain high light during this period and reduce watering to just enough to keep the plant from shriveling.

Why do Dendrobium leaves turn yellow?

If your roots have rotted from being too wet or dessicated from being too dry, the leaves will turn yellow. Fungal, bacterial, or viral attacks can turn leaves yellow. Sunburn will turn the leaves yellow in blotches.

How do you water dendrobiums?

Dendrobium orchids can store water and are more tolerant of dry soil than overly wet soil. Water them every 1-2 weeks. Allow the top 1 inch (2.5 cm) of the soil to dry before re-watering. Some species of dendrobium orchids have water-storing pseudobulbs, meaning they can go 2 weeks between waterings.

How often should I water my Dendrobium orchid?

Why are my Dendrobium leaves turning yellow?

What causes yellow leaves on Dendrobium?

Over-watering symptoms include lower yellowing of leaves, a rapidly declining stem, flower loss and a rotten base (pseudobulbs). These issues are commonly down to either too much soil moisture, an incorrect soil medium, too little light, or foliage that has allowed to remain wet for long periods.

How many times does Dendrobium bloom?

Dendrobiums will emerge in February with their blooms lasting approximately six weeks. In cooler temperatures, they can re-bloom up to three times a year.

When should I water my Dendrobium orchid?

How do you take care of dendrobiums?

How many times does a Dendrobium orchid bloom?

They are very easy to grow, many bloom twice a year, and their flowers often last for months. Some varieties are mature plants at 3 inches tall while others are over 3 feet tall. Large mature plants can continue to produce bloom spikes and stay in bloom nearly all year round.

When should I water my dendrobium orchid?

What is a dendrobium orchid?

Dendrobium is sort of the catch-all of orchid species. When you look for Dendrobium orchid info, you can find whole books devoted to each of the different types of Dendrobium orchids that can fall into this category.

How to take care of Dendrobium after flowering?

If neither pruning nor transplanting is required for dendrobium, care after flowering is reduced to correcting the temperature regime, watering and feeding. The air temperature after flowering should be kept moderately cool – about +20 0 С during the day and about +15 0 С at night.

How long does it take for Dendrobium to grow?

Dendrobium is a diverse genus of orchids with different cultural needs. Many go through a growth phase and then a rest phase during the course of one year, and must be given water and temperature to match these periods of growth and rest.

Why does my Dendrobium have spots on its leaves?

Fungus on Dendrobium Orchids. They make up the second largest genus in the family Orchidaceae, and most species are generally easy to care for. However, dendrobiums are susceptible to infection from several fungi, which typically cause spots, lesions or blemishes to form on your orchid leaves, flowers and stems.