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What is Spanish for the professions?

What is Spanish for the professions?

Home / Spanish and Spanish for the Professions. The Spanish minor and the Spanish for the Professions certificate are each an 18-credit series of courses designed to develop your communication skills and cultural knowledge to more expertly serve the needs of Spanish speakers in the U.S. and abroad.

What do you do on the last day of class in Spanish?

8 End of Year Spanish Activities

  • Picture Scavenger Hunt.
  • Teach a Spanish Skill to Someone Else.
  • Compare Your Virtual Classroom with Your Brick & Mortar Classroom.
  • Create a Timeline (Línea de tiempo)
  • Make Your Own Game.
  • ABC Picture Book.
  • Write a Letter to Next Year’s Class.
  • Conclusion.

How can I help my students learn Spanish?

Here are some great, fun methods for teaching Spanish.

  1. Speak Spanish At Home.
  2. Learn Together.
  3. Explore YouTube.
  4. Try Language Teaching Apps.
  5. Watch Cartoons In Spanish.
  6. Play Learning Games.
  7. Use Labels.
  8. Seek Out Native Speakers.

How do you teach ESL to high school students?

7 Must-know Strategies for Teaching High School ESL

  1. Include journaling time. Friendships are extremely important in the teenage years.
  2. Integrate social media and technology.
  3. Include pop culture.
  4. Respect their previous knowledge.
  5. Win the right to be heard.
  6. Build bridges.
  7. Think about their future goals.

How do you talk about work in Spanish?

Chunks to talk about your job using the verb trabajar (to work) There’s another common way to talk about your job, and that is using the verb trabajar (to work). This can be combined in chunks as follows: Yo trabajo en una panadería.

What are the different professions in Spanish?

List 1 – Spanish Vocabulary for professions. airman – aviador(-ora) athlete – el atleta. bank teller – cajero(-era) banker – banquero (-era) barber – barbero(-ra)

How to use Spanish speaking activities in the classroom?

Here are 8 Spanish Speaking activities to use in your classroom: 20 questions for students to ask each other regarding chores and what they have to do around the house. Students ask the question orally and write down the names of their classmates according to their responses. (FREE)

Why Spanish games for class?

When we are ready for students to produce output, Spanish games for class are a wonderful way to do that. Although there are lots of games that require students to speak (i.e., get up, find a partner, speak for two minutes, switch), they can sometimes feel artificial.

What are some sports activities in Spanish?

Sports Activities in Spanish – Pin it for Later! Jugar a la barajas, jugar a las cartas, jugar a los naipes (to play cards) Viajar (to travel) – Me encanta viajar (I love traveling.) If you want to learn Spanish verbs easily, this book is a must-have! Luis: ¿Tienes planes para este fin de semana?