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What is Revo in Toyota?

What is Revo in Toyota?

The Toyota Revo (full name: “Toyota Tamaraw FX Revo”) is an Asian Sport Utility Vehicle (AUV) produced by Toyota since 1998. The development started in 1997 and sold in 1998. It shares the same chassis platform with the corresponding Hilux and Hiace.

How long does Toyota Revo last?

Third version (2003-2005)

2003-2005 Toyota Revo GLX
Production 2003-2005
Length 4,535 mm (179 in)
Width 1,719 mm (68 in)
Height 1,815 mm (71 in)

What is HiLux SR+?

The 2021 Toyota HiLux SR+ (4×4) is a four-wheel drive double cab pickup that was released to the Australian market on 01/05/2020 classified as a GUN126R FACELIFT. The HiLux is regarded as a pick up or cab chassis 4×4 built in Thailand with prices from a dealer as a used car starting at $50,100.

What is the fuel average of Toyota Revo?

Toyota Hilux Revo G 2.8 2022 Overview Fuel tank capacity is 80 litres and it averages approx 9 Km/L in city and 12 Km/L on highways.

How heavy is a 2016 Toyota HiLux?

4585.6 lbs

Toyota HiLux SR5 (4×4) Details
Front track 1535mm (60.4 inches)
Rear track 1550mm (61.0 inches)
Ground clearance 279mm (11.0 inches)
Unladen weight 2080kg (4585.6 lbs)

Is Toyota HiLux worth buying?

Too much overpriced almost double the cost of its worth ,looks very low grade ,only engine is powerfull since it’s Toyota , cabin noise too high ,0-100 takes 18 seconds not a car with Indian preference….User Review on Toyota Hilux High 4X4 MT.

1.0 Exterior 1.0 Comfort
3.0 Performance 1.0 Fuel Economy
1.0 Value for Money

Is Revo rear wheel drive?

Drive Type Front Engine Rear Wheel Drive (RWD).

Does Toyota Revo have Turbo?

Toyota Hilux revo 2020 The best part about this vehicle was its engine as it comes with 2.8L Diesel Engine that replaced 3.0L turbo diesel engine.

How much can a 2016 HiLux tow?

For those wanting to tow something substantial, it’s a pretty good choice as one of seven HiLux variants with the maximum 3500kg braked towing capacity – up from 2500kg on the old model. All have the 2.8-litre engine and manual ‘box in common – the best auto-equipped HiLux can tow up to 3200kg.

How much is Toyota REVO in the Philippines?

The cheapest model is Toyota Revo at ₱160,000. The most expensive model is Toyota Revo driven 89,000km at ₱280,000 . At Philkotse, you can explore the latest deals on Toyota Revo for sale with images, features, specs, and prices.

When did the Toyota Revo stop production?

Unfortunately, Revo stopped production of this model in February 2005. Toyota Revo Model Years: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 Revo is an old, discontinued car line of the Toyota brand.

What kind of engine does the Toyota Revo have?

The Toyota Revo runs on the 1.8-liter, 2.0-liter gasoline engine, and 2.4-liter diesel engine. Is The Revo An MPV? No, it was introduced to the Philippines market as a minivan/AUV.

When did the Toyota Tamaraw FX Revo come out?

In 1998, Toyota launched their AUV, the Toyota Tamaraw FX Revo, to the market. According to the brand, the Toyota Revo or Revo received its name from the term “revolution.” “An Asian Sport Vehicle” is another name for it; the model also shares the same base and chassis with Toyota Hilux and Hiace.