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What is Honesdale known for?

What is Honesdale known for?

Known as the “Birthplace of the American Railroad,” Honesdale welcomed the first steam locomotive to run on US commercial tracks in 1829. Since then, the town has embraced its old-time charm while welcoming modern amenities into the mix.

Is Honesdale PA in the Poconos?

Located in the northernmost part of the Poconos, Honesdale is known as “The Birthplace of the American Railroad” and for its community, downtown art and hillside scenery. Main Street is home to unique shops and classic train rides.

Is Honesdale PA a good place to live?

Honesdale is a wonderful small town with incredible people. We have an adorable town with many fun new shops, coffee stores and new trendy restaurants. Our area is also known for our camps. Many city people enjoy coming to live in the country and get away from the chaos of the city.

How old is Honesdale?

Honesdale’s history goes back to the early 19th Century when it was known as Dyberry Forks. The town earned a reputation as a major railroad center in the late 1820s. Dyberry Falls was renamed Honesdale, to honor Phillip Hone, a former New York City mayor, and the first president of the Delaware & Hudson Canal Company.

How big is Honesdale?

4.023 mi²Honesdale / Area

What is the crime rate in Honesdale PA?

The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Honesdale is 1 in 56. Based on FBI crime data, Honesdale is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to Pennsylvania, Honesdale has a crime rate that is higher than 72% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

When was Honesdale founded?

Created on March 21, 1798, from part of Northampton County and named for General Anthony Wayne. Honesdale, the county seat after 1842, was laid out in 1827 and incorporated as a borough on January 28, 1831. It was named for Philip Hone, president of the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company.

What county is Honesdale?

Wayne CountyHonesdale / County

What is the population of Lake Ariel PA?

Lake Ariel is located in Pennsylvania. Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania has a population of 14,502.

What county is Honesdale in?

Honesdale is a borough in and the county seat of Wayne County, Pennsylvania, United States. The borough’s population was 4,480 at the time of the 2010 census.

Can you help us leave Honesdale a little better?

With your help, we can leave Honesdale a little better than when we came or were born here. It’s that Honesdale spirit of community that has served us well for so long and will again prove to be the difference that encourages investment in our community. Thank you for being part of our legacy. Honesdale is a town built on possibilities.

What is there to do in Honedale?

The park is also home to the annual Honedale Roots & Rhythm Music & Arts Festival. Whether you’re in the mood to shop, dine, enjoy nature, learn, or simply explore, the greater Honesdale area has something just for you.

Why is Honesdale the birthplace of the railroad?

Honesdale is home to the first commercial steam locomotive run on rails in the United States, the Stourbridge Lion. On August 8, 1829, the Stourbridge Lion started in Honesdale, ran three miles to Seelyville, and returned; Honesdale, therefore, is known as the birthplace of the American Railroad.