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What is established verb?

What is established verb?

1 : to bring into being : found They established a colony. 2 : to put beyond doubt : prove She established her innocence. establish. transitive verb. es·​tab·​lish.

What type of verb is established?

Established is a verb – Word Type.

Is established a verb or adjective?

established adjective (ACCEPTED) accepted or respected because of having existed for a long period of time: There are established procedures for dealing with emergencies.

Is establish a noun or verb?

ESTABLISH (verb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

How do you use established in a sentence?

Established sentence example

  1. There are no established trails, but I’ve been in that area before.
  2. Okay, we’ve already established that Alex is secretive.
  3. We’ve already established that.
  4. Once a benefit is established, it creates a constituency fiercely dedicated to defending it.

Is established verb tense?

past tense of establish is established.

What is the noun of established?

establishment. The act of establishing; a ratifying or ordaining; settlement; confirmation. The state of being established, founded, etc.; fixed state. That which is established; as a form of government, a permanent organization, business or force, or the place where one is permanently fixed for residence.

What is the adjective of establish?

establishable. Able to be established.

Is was established correct?

If you’re writing the entire narrative in the present tense, “is established” could be correct. If not, then it’s almost certainly incorrect, and it’s hard to see how writing “was established” instead of “is established” harms your text flow.

What does it mean to establish someone?

established Add to list Share. Something or someone well established is well known, totally trusted and usually has a proven track record of success. Becoming established doesn’t happen overnight. You’ve got to put in the time and effort to prove yourself, make connections and build a good reputation.

What is the noun for establish?

establishment. The act of establishing; a ratifying or ordaining; settlement; confirmation. The state of being established, founded, etc.; fixed state.

Which would be the closest synonym for the word established?

synonyms for established

  • entrenched.
  • settled.
  • traditional.
  • well-established.
  • fixed.
  • ingrained.
  • rooted.
  • secure.

What does it mean for God to establish you?

God is able to establish you—to get you to the place spiritually where your walk with Him cannot be shaken, where the testing of your faith will only make it stronger—to place you securely and permanently in a position of faith, a situation of blessing, and a condition of peace.

How do you write when something was established?

Est. is primarily used to mention establishment dates, and it’s almost universally followed by a date. While using it for the other meanings isn’t inaccurate it is incredibly rare, so people might not understand the meaning you are trying to convey at first. Some examples of when to use Est: Ruby Park, Est.

How to spell established?

This abbreviation is usually found on signage, in business, restaurants, as nameplates on historic houses, or any organization with a long, proud history. You might abbreviate the word establishedto est. on a business card or a nameplate. It is also common to see such abbreviations in headlines or newspaper titles where space is a concern.

What is a synonym for establishment?

Synonyms for establishment include foundation, institution, creation, founding, formation, inauguration, installation, organisation, organization and constitution

What is the synonym for establish?

Synonyms: establish, create, found 1, institute, organize These verbs mean to bring something into existence and set it in operation: establishing a business; created a trust fund; founded a colony; instituted an annual benefit concert; organizing a field trip.

What is the definition of establishing?

Define establishing. establishing synonyms, establishing pronunciation, establishing translation, English dictionary definition of establishing. tr.v. es·tab·lished