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What is cheer dancing?

What is cheer dancing?

WHAT IS CHEERDANCE? Cheerdance is the dance portion of cheerleading, where tumbling and stunts are not included. It is made of 4 parts, namely pom dance, jazz, hiphop and line dance. Each performance is about 2.5 minutes, and is judged by the dance skills and choreography, as well as team coordination.

What count does cheer music start on?

The cheerleaders need a “count in”. Most music starts with a “5-6-7-8”. It is also common to start on 7, or 3.

How do you map a cheer routine?

How to Map a Cheer Routine

  1. Opening (2-4 8-counts):
  2. Standing tumbling (2-4 8-counts):
  3. Partner stunts (6-10 8-counts):
  4. Running tumbling (6-8 8-counts):
  5. Jumps (2-3 8-counts):
  6. Basket tosses (2-3 8-counts):
  7. Pyramid (6-10 8-counts):
  8. Dance/motion section (4-5 8-counts):

Is cheer easy?

This sport requires a variety of skills, especially when it comes to jumps, stunting and tumbling. Even simple cheers and chants cannot be done without sharp motions and proper voice. Jumps require flexibility and practice, along with the right technique.

What is the best music for a cheerleading performance?

Generally speaking, hip hop, rap, and classic rock music offer a good, danceable beat. Some of these songs also offer sporty, athletic themes that work well with sporting events. Some of these songs may have inappropriate lyrics, so make sure you listen to a song all the way through before you choose it for a cheer performance.

How to cheer up your day with music?

There are lots of things one can do to keep these emotions from completely ruining your day, but one of the easiest and quickest things you can do is listen to some cheer up songs. Listening to music is an emotional journey and the right song can help get you back on track. Below is an assortment of songs that can help cheer you up.

How do I choose a music mashup for a cheer event?

For instance, you will likely need a two-minute music mashup for a competitive cheer event, but if you’re performing at a pep rally or game, you might want to choose a song that is shorter. Think through your squad’s needs carefully before settling on a single song or a group of songs.

What are some of the Best Dance Songs for a routine?

Till the World Ends by Britney Spears has great lyrics about dancing and enjoying life to the fullest. Kiss the Sky by Cash Cash has a great beat that would work well for a routine with lots of tumbling. So Close by NOTD has a slower beat that builds making it a great tune for a routine that includes lots of stunts.