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What is a ventral incisional hernia?

What is a ventral incisional hernia?

A ventral or incisional hernia specifically describes a hernia, often in the middle of the abdomen, that occurs after a prior incision was made during a prior operation. The size of the hernia varies considerably from small to gigantic.

Do all ventral hernias need surgery?

Ventral hernias do not go away or get better on their own and require surgery to repair. In fact, without treatment, ventral hernias can get larger and worsen with time. Untreated hernias can become difficult to repair and can lead to serious complications, such as strangulation of a portion of the intestine.

When should ventral hernia be operated on?

Ventral hernias cannot heal on their own. Most commonly, ventral hernias are surgically repaired in order to avoid the risk of the intestine becoming strangulated (cut off from the body’s blood supply). Strangulation is considered a medical emergency.

How long is recovery from ventral hernia surgery?

After recovery, you can usually return to work or school within 2 to 3 days. You will not be able to lift anything over 10 pounds, climb, or do strenuous activity for 4 to 6 weeks following surgical repair of a ventral hernia.

How long is recovery after ventral hernia?

While every person recovers differently, you should count on a full 6 week recovery period. You should plan on taking it easy, especially in the first few weeks after surgery.

What happens if incisional hernia is left untreated?

The most serious complications of incisional hernias are bowel obstruction and strangulation. A strangulated hernia can cause tissue death in your intestine. This condition may be life-threatening if you don’t get treatment right away. It’s also possible for hernias to rupture, but this is extremely rare.

Is ventral hernia surgery painful?

You will be awake, but pain-free. Your surgeon will make a surgical cut in your abdomen. Your surgeon will find the hernia and separate it from the tissues around it. Then the contents of the hernia, such as intestines, will be gently pushed back into the abdomen.

How long is surgery for ventral hernia?

They may also apply a mesh patch to hold the weakened area in your abdominal wall. The mesh patch will be attached to your abdominal wall, covering the hole or weakened area beneath it. Over time, this patch will be absorbed by your inner abdominal wall. Your surgery will take about 3 hours.