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What is a IOX?

What is a IOX?

IOX (Input / Output Expanders) plug directly into the GO device and are used to extend the GO device to peripherals in your vehicle. Leveraging the CAN networks that run on the GO device, IOXs can be daisy-chained together to add multiple peripherals to the GO device.

What is Iox NFC reader?

The IOX-NFCREADER lets you monitor vehicles based on their driver. Using Near Field Communication (NFC) with the Geotab GO device, identify drivers operating vehicles in a fleet at any given time. Drivers swipe in at the start of their trip, linking them to their vehicle.

What is Iox geotab?

The IOX-CAN integrates third-party data with the MyGeotab™ software — allowing supplementary fleet data collection and consolidation in one place. Customers and Partners can also transmit data through the Geotab® GO™ device using the Third-Party Data Protocol ( on our private CAN Bus via the IOX-CAN.

What does a geotab track?

The Geotab GO device records any vehicular data it can access through the diagnostic port, including speed, engine data, temperatures, coolant levels, and more. The GO device also records the GPS coordinates it receives from its internal GPS module.

What is Cisco sandbox?

The Cisco DNA Center Sandbox provides the developer the ability to design, develop and test utilizing the Cisco DNA Center development platform with a sample Sandbox Lab Topology. Try it out. RESERVATION SANDBOX.

What is Cisco Caf?

Cisco IOx, or Cisco Application Framework (CAF) The IOx framework was created to host applications for Internet of Things (IoT) network devices where thousands of devices run small applications. Cisco is now also leveraging the same framework for enterprise IOS XE-based network platforms.

What is Iox support?

Cisco IOx allows you to execute IoT applications in the fog with secure connectivity with Cisco IOS software, and get powerful services for rapid, reliable integration with IoT sensors and the cloud.

Which Iox Expander uses an external buzzer to amplify in vehicle feedback fill in the blank it is Iox?

The IOX-BUZZ, an external buzzer, amplifies the in-vehicle audio feedback to reduce the number of unheard alerts from the Geotab® GO™ device due to engine noise.

Can Geotab listen to you?

The devices are not able to record anything a user says inside or outside the vehicles they do not have any voice recording features. You can look for a Marketplace solution in the Geotab Marketplace.

Does Geotab record audio?

No, GO device does not have the ability to record sounds. Please visit for additional information.

How do I access my Cisco sandbox?

Visit and press the “Get started with Sandbox” button to view our catalog. The catalog shows all of the sandboxes that are currently available. Notice each Sandbox has “Reserve” or “Always-On” buttons indicating type.

What is Guestshell?

The Guest Shell is a built-in Linux container (LXC) with a CentOS 7 running on Cisco IOS-XE platforms managed by IOx. It is designed to install, update and operate custom Linux applications. The guest shell is bundled with the system image.

How can I block GPS Geotab?

How a GPS jammer works:

  1. The user plugs the jammer into the automotive auxiliary power outlet.
  2. The unit is placed close to the installed GPS tracker.
  3. When active, the GPS jammer generates an interference signal over a 5 to 10 meter radius to disrupt reception of the GPS satellite signal.

Does Geotab go record audio?

Can geotab listen to you?

How can I block GPS geotab?

What is a Cisco sandbox?