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What episode of One Tree Hill does Haley try to drown herself?

What episode of One Tree Hill does Haley try to drown herself?

Haley gets worse, tries to drown & more in CW’s “One Tree Hill” episode 21 of season 7. We’ve got some spoilers for the episode,along with a promo clip after the jump.

What episode does Haley identify a body?

“A Rush of Blood to the Head” is the eighth episode of ninth and final season of One Tree Hill and the 182th episode produced in the series. It aired on February 29, 2012.

What episode does Haley burn the piano?

Like You Like an Arsonist.

Does Haley attempt suicide One Tree Hill?

We’ve both struggled with trying to feel something. For Haley, it was setting her piano on fire and then trying to drown herself in her pool (season 7 episode 20).

Did Brooke spray Haley with a hose on One Tree Hill?

“I passed out on your lawn, and you sprayed me with a hose. That was so mean of you,” Lenz’s character told Dr. Sam Griffith after thinking she looked familiar. Bush then confirmed the line was a joke about her OTH character, Brooke, spraying Rachel (Danneel Harris) with a hose during season 4.

Why did Haley light the piano on fire?

I seek out something to replace the numbness, something that would just let me feel something, anything. For Haley, it was setting her piano on fire and then trying to drown herself in her pool (season 7 episode 20).

Who lit the fire in One Tree Hill?

Deb Scott
To say that Dan Scott wasn’t a good father is an understatement. He abandoned Lucas and pressured Nathan to the point of hospitalization. Deb Scott, his wife, finally had enough and attempted to murder him by poisoning him and lighting his office on fire.

Why is Haley depressed OTH?

One Tree Hill’s executive producer Mark Schwahn has revealed that Haley will continue to struggle with depression. Haley, played by Bethany Joy Galeotti, became depressed in the last season after the death of her mother.

What episode does Brooke spray Haley with a hose?

Jurassic World: Dominion Dominates Fandom Wikis – The Loop

Season Episode
3 20

What happened to Haley on’One Tree Hill’Season 6?

As should be beyond clear by now, Haley was absolutely not holding back in any way during One Tree Hill ‘s sixth season. In the season’s tenth episode, she once again gets to show her talents as a musician during a USO tour concert in Tree Hill, before returning to her home life as a supermom.

What is Haley’s real name on One Tree Hill?

―Haley James Scott to her son [src] Haley Scott (née James) was one of the main female protagonists of “. One Tree Hill “. Haley Bob James is the seventh child, and the fourth daughter of Jimmy and Lydia James. Haley is originally introduced, as the typical extremely responsible and studious girl,…

Does Haley drive a car in One Tree Hill?

Haley was not shown driving a car until season 5. However in the season 4 episode All These Things That I’ve Done in a deleted scene, Haley was seen driving the two kids she was babysitting to a Tree Hill basketball game. Haley is one of the two main female characters to appear in all nine seasons of One Tree Hill.

Is Haley’s outfit in’One Tree Hill’too out of character?

One Tree Hill is known for its often outlandish storylines, which usually lead to characters making dramatic and out of character decisions. But in the series’ ninth season, Haley is given a storyline and an outfit so out of character that we just can’t let it slide.