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What does Trillium Asset Management do?

What does Trillium Asset Management do?

About us. Trillium Asset Management offers investment strategies and services that advance humankind towards a global sustainable economy, a just society, and a better world.

Who owns Trillium Asset Management?

Trillium acquired by Perpetual | Trillium Asset Management.

Should I invest in Trillium?

Generally, analysts say yes. The company’s current market cap is approximately $1.2 billion now, but analysts expect it to reach $10 billion within the next three years. That could deliver an increase of almost 1,000 percent in stock value over the same period. In other words, Trillium Therapeutics is a buy.

Who started ESG?

the United Nations
In less than 20 years, the ESG movement has grown from a corporate social responsibility initiative launched by the United Nations into a global phenomenon representing more than US$30 trillion in assets under management.

Why did Pfizer buy Trillium?

Trillium is now a completely owned Pfizer subsidiary and the deal is claimed to boost the latter’s oncology portfolio by adding advanced, experimental immuno-therapeutics to treat haematological cancers. With the acquisition, Pfizer gained rights to two lead molecules of Trillium, TTI-622 and TTI-621.

Does Pfizer Own Trillium?

Pfizer has completed its acquisition of all outstanding shares, warrants, options, and deferred share units of Trillium not already owned by Pfizer for $18.50 per share, in cash, representing an aggregate purchase price of approximately $2.22 billion.

Why is ESG controversial?

Investors can review companies’ ESG disclosures, but they also typically want to access information that is not reported, and may indicate ESG controversies. These controversies could include toxic waste spills (environmental), human rights violations (social), or corrupt CEOs (governance).

What is the most ethical ETF?


Ticker Fund Name Expense Ratio
ESGU iShares ESG Aware MSCI USA ETF 0.15%
ESGD iShares ESG Aware MSCI EAFE ETF 0.20%
ESGV Vanguard ESG U.S. Stock ETF 0.09%
ICLN iShares Global Clean Energy ETF 0.42%

Should I invest in ESG funds?

ESG investing may lower your risk ESG funds have even managed to post strong performance during 2020. Of 26 sustainable index funds analyzed by investment research company Morningstar in April, 24 outperformed comparable traditional funds in the first quarter of 2020 (and the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic).

What is the difference between ESG and CSR?

In short, CSR is a company’s framework of sustainability plans and responsible cultural influence, whereas ESG is the assessable outcome concerning a company’s overall sustainability performance.

Why choose Trillium Asset Management?

Trillium Asset Management offers investment strategies and services that advance humankind towards a global sustainable economy, a just society, and a better world. For nearly 40 years, the firm has been at the forefront of ESG thought leadership and draws from decades of experience focused exclusively on responsible investing.

What is Trillium manavest?

As the Asset Management division of the Citadel Finance group, Trillium manages and markets a diversified range of high-performance investment funds. Bonds, Equities, Multi-Asset or Alternatives, our Manavest range brings you proven and flexible investment solutions.

Who is the founder of Trillium?

Before founding Trillium, Marc worked for major banking institutions and has 25 years of investment experience. A specialist in tactical asset allocation and market arbitrage, Marc graduated from the University of Western Ontario in Canada.

How does Trillium vote client and fund proxies?

At Trillium, we vote client and fund proxies consistent with their best interests by integrating financial, environmental, social, and governance factors. Below are links to our current proxy voting guidelines and disclosure of proxy votes.