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Is Kedron Brook bike path open?

Is Kedron Brook bike path open?

The Kedron Brook Bikeway remains closed in sections, including: the crossing between Royal Parade and Stafford City Shopping Centre. the crossing near Wolverhampton Street, Stafford and Leyton Street, Grange. in Corbett Park near Uxbridge Street.

How long is Kedron Brook Bikeway?

The Kedron Brook Bikeway stretches for almost 20 kilometres from Mitchelton to Nundah using a mixture of off-road shared pathways and separated bikeways. It runs through Everton Park, Stafford, Grange, Gordon Park, Lutwyche and Kedron. Use the bikeway to get to local schools, shops, sports clubs and busway stations.

Can you swim in Kedron Brook?

Kedron Brook is one of the largest catchment areas in Brisbane and there is water flowing in most places, some of them big enough to provide a swimming hole for the locals. It’s safe and easy, well away from traffic, pretty, interesting and well worth the effort.

Can you walk on Brisbane bikeway?

Unless otherwise signed, the following can use bikeways, shared paths and footpaths: people riding bikes. people walking. people riding skateboards, foot scooters and roller blades (wheeled recreational devices)

Can you walk on Bicentennial Bikeway?

The Bicentennial Bikeway is an active transport superhighway running alongside the Brisbane River. The 4.8km off-road bikeway enables safe walking, bike riding and scooting for people of all ages and abilities, from Toowong to the Brisbane CBD.

How long is the Jim Soorley bikeway?

0.3 mi
Jim Soorley Bikeway

Length 0.3 mi
Est. Steps 1000

Does Kedron Brook Flood?

Kedron Brook gets inundated even at a moderate flood level in Brisbane, so we’re having a really good look at where we want to build back better in Kedron Brook.”

How long is the Jim Soorley Bikeway?

Can e scooters use cycle lanes?

Electric scooters are currently not legally permitted in dedicated cycle lanes.

How long is the Bicentennial Bikeway?

What did the mud army do?

The Mud Army 2.0 has helped to clean up Brisbane from the devastating floods. This clean-up initially focused on those areas that had received the most damage and had been difficult to access due to flooding. Council partnered with Volunteering Queensland to coordinate Mud Army 2.0.

Is Voi illegal?

Riding a scooter under the influence is illegal and if caught, you will be arrested for drink driving. Voi encourages responsible riding and offers a ‘reaction time test’ feature that aims to discourage drunk riding. Should a rider fail the reaction test, they are presented with a Google search for local taxis.

How do I report a bikeway closure in Brisbane?

Before cycling in Brisbane, check the temporary bikeway and shared path closures and detours that may affect your bike ride. To report damaged or blocked bikeways and pathways, or for more information on current closures, phone Brisbane City Council on 07 3403 8888.

Is there traffic on the Kedron Brook bikeway?

After that, you won’t need to worry about traffic at all until you reach Osborne Rd, Mitchelton – where there’s another signalised crossing. The Kedron Brook Bikeway is separated from pedestrian traffic between Shaw Rd, Wavell Heights to Corbet Park, Grange, and there are countless bridges and underpasses.

What happened on Webster Road in Kedron?

The varying widths of the Kedron Brook Bikeway westbound of Webster Road. The varying widths of the Kedron Brook Bikeway westbound of Webster Road. A single vehicle crash on Shaw Road next to the pedestrian/bikeway crossing. The area was busy at the time due to local sporting events being on at multiple fields.

Where are Brisbane’s best bikeways for families?

One of Brisbane North’s most popular bikeway, the Kedron Brook is a great place to get the family out for a ride in the sunshine! The mixture of off-road shared pathways and bikeways stretches from Mitchelton to Nundah. Along the route families can find local schools, shops, sports clubs and access to creek side parks & picnic facilities.