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How wide is a Scania R-Series?

How wide is a Scania R-Series?

R-series: lower bed 800 mm, extendable bed 700-900 mm, upper bed 600 or 700 mm. 4) Height: 376 mm. Width: 600 mm. Capacity: 470 litres (both sides together).

How much horsepower does a Scania truck have?

The V8 engine family The Scania V8 is the high-performance benchmark. It’s the perfect fit for operations that require the efficiency, power and performance that only a V8 can deliver. The updated range of Euro 6 V8 engines are approved to run on renewable fuels. Choose between 530 hp, 590 hp, 660 hp or 770 hp outputs.

What is the fuel consumption of Scania G460?

about 2,7 km per litre
The company recently started running two NTG G460 units, one of its own and another on rental from Scania Rental, and the fuel consumption has significantly improved to about 2,7 km per litre of fuel.

What do the different Scania model designations mean?

Scania use different model designations for different contexts. A simplified truck model designation is used for marketing and is visible in the grille. Another complete designation defines the characteristics of the chassis and the drivetrain, and a third designation defines the cab configuration.

When did the second generation of Scania tractors come out?

A second generation launched in August 2016, first was the Scania S-series being the first flat-floor model. In December 2017, a low-end version of the second generation, the Scania L-series, also launched. Scania R 500 LA6x2HHA tractor unit with pre-2009 styling in the Netherlands.

Are Scania tractors any good?

The Scania R143 is generally considered to be the best European tractor unit of its time. It is affectionately honoured by truck enthusiasts and has an unwavering reputation as a reliable and groundbreaking workhorse.

When did the Scania MaxCi come out?

The MaxCi (CN113CLL), launched in 1992, was Scania’s first ever low-entry bus, with a low floor between the front and centre doors, and kneeling to make entering even easier. The bodywork was based on the CN113, but with a lowered window line in the front half, and a new front including the headlights from the CL113.