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How much is my Waltham watch worth?

How much is my Waltham watch worth?

Finding Waltham Watches Values

  1. Condition – This is one of the most important factors in determining the value of a watch.
  2. Materials – Watches that are made from precious metals or set with diamonds will have an inherent scrap value.
  3. Rarity – As a rule, the rarer a watch, the higher the value.

How do I know if my Waltham pocket watch is real gold?

Open the case’s rear cover and look for the markings “10k,” “14k,” or “18k.” This should be easy to see, as it will be impressed into the inside back cover. If one of those markings is visible, then your pocket watch is gold.

Are Waltham pocket watches worth anything?

Most Waltham pocket watches have some value, even if it’s only for scrap and parts. Of course, the only way to know the true value is to take your Waltham watch to a professional watch valuer or a Waltham pocket watch expert.

When were Waltham watches made?

In operation between 1852 and 1957, over 40 million fine specimens of pocket watches, wrist watches, clocks and other precision instruments were produced by the Waltham factory. It was one of the most prolific American watch companies and by the early 1870s Waltham watches were winning prizes all over the world.

What kind of Watch is the American Waltham 14k gold Lady’s?

AMERICAN WALTHAM 14K GOLD LADY’S open faced pocket watch. Excellent white enamel dial with black… WALTHAM Lady’s size 6 rose gold filled hunting cased watch in fine running condition. This…

What is the size of a Waltham 15 jewel multicolor dial pocket watch?

Waltham 15 jewel multicolor dial woman’s hunting cased size O ( 1 3/8”) pocket watch… Waltham W.H Wheeler signed open faced fancy multicolor dial pocket watch in fine running condition…. WALTHAM 14K gold filled Multicolor hunting cased pocket watch which has just been serviced and…